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Furnace line for heat treatment of conveyer type

Features & Equipment configuration of the Endothermic Type Gas Generator

the Endothermic Type Gas Generator with automatic temperature control panel

Equipment Configuration

Shielding gas generator for endogas production with automatic temperature control panel RG-801 consists of the following components:

  • Gassing panel: gas / air and piping.
  • Air intake by fan to ensure better gas combustion.
  • Built-in electric heating chamber.
  • Decomposing retort insert with catalyst.

Features of Endothermic Type Gas Generator

  • Gas control with protection system, safe and durable for use, stable control on dew point control with precise indication, available to be connected with CO2 controller for auto control purpose.
  • The system is the most advanced technology, created in cooperation with the professional company in USA.
  • The main parts & devices are imported from USA & Japan.
  • The air cooling system can improve many issues that original water-cooling system has & can reduce the high cost of cooling system which is required to be changed by blocked problem.
  • The ratio of air-enriched gas is automatically adjusted, thus avoiding manual adjustment. Additionally, it can helps to reduce the costs of periodical change of expensive part of mixing pump blades & cut costs for regular maintenance for mixing pump.
  • The Endo-gas generator has a standard computer system.
  • Heater's design with high efficiency, and the furnace can be opened for convenient maintenance and repair purpose.
  • Reserved connectors for simple and easy cleaning the trash inside the pipe.

Product Appearance of the Generator of Endogas Production RG-801 (with Automatic Temperature Control Panel)

the Generator of Endogas Production with Automatic Temperature Control Panel

Gas Reforming Theory

Gas Reforming Theory

Specification of the Endothermic Gas Generator with Automatic Temperature Control Panel

ModelGas production capacity, m3/hPower, kWOuter dimensions, mm

Parts of Endothermic Gas Generator

1Gas fire curtain1 unit
2Catalyzer protecting barrel, SUS310S heat-resisting steel:1 pcs. (Made in Japan)
3One full set of gas generator parts (Made in USA) includes:Blower, a full set of flow rate control system, Human-machine control interface (HMI), atmosphere control, Human-machine (HMI) record function - temperature, flow, ratio, atmosphere record
4Gas generator pipe (1 unit) includes:Emergency shut-off valve, gas low-voltage switch, pressure modulator, safety valve (imported from abroad)
5Heating element:spring type heater (Made in Japan)
6Automatic annunciated lamp:1 unit (Made in Japan)
7ON-OFF switch, 3 phase 380V × 50kW:1 set. (Made in Japan)
8Catalyst50 kg (Made in Japan)
9Cooling system:Air-cooling type
10Gas source:use liquid gas/natural gas (provided by the buyer)
11Carbon potential control system:1 unit (Made in USA)

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