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Completed projects - packaging lines for nuts and bolts

Automatic carton electromagnetic orientation packing line for bolts and nuts

Appearance of packaging equipment and technical description of the packaging equipment operation process

Formation of a sheet of cardboard boxes
Formation of a sheet of cardboard boxes automatically. Entering data size of the package by using the touch screen.
Capture of the packaging container
Capture of the packaging container by means of compressed air carried by the suction cups. After that, the lower base of the box is fixed by means of brackets air gun.
The finished package
The finished package is moving on the conveyor belt to the loader of fasteners.
Loading and subsequent packaging
Loading and subsequent packaging is performed independently for fixing bolts and nuts, separately from each other.
Hopper using a vibration motor delivers fasteners on countable-packaging machine. Optionally the customer can purchase additional lifting conveyor for feeding fasteners into the hopper.
Feed fixture
Feed fixture on countably packaging mechanism is carried out automatically on the conveyor hopper.
Vibration motor
Vibration motor provides gradual process of feeding fasteners from the hopper by conveyor loader to countable-fill mechanism.
Loading fixture in boxes
Loading fixture in boxes is made countable Filling mechanism according to the set parameters on the touch screen (by weight of the piece).
folding and sealing cap
When the holder is loaded, folding and sealing cap made automatically stapled by air gun.
design of the label
The design of the label can be optionally configured via a normal PC.
design of the label
You can manually put your company's logo, name, address, type of product, size, steel grade, quantity, weight and other parameters.
Equipment for applying labels
Equipment for applying labels automatically and sequentially applies the label on the lateral surface of the package. Optionally, you can adjust the location of the labels.
After sealing and labeling of the finished package conveyer moves into a zone of palletizing.
Laying on pallets
Laying on pallets automatically. The number of levels of containers on a pallet previously is programmed manually using a PC.
automatic feeding pallet
There are automatic feeding pallet stacker zone, while the loading of pallets of equipment carried by hand or with help of the car.
zone palletizing
With pallet chain mechanism smoothly moves into the zone of the package stacker (zone palletizing).
On one pallet up to 5-6 levels of packaging is held.
Laying on pallets machine
Stacker container per pallet generates levels automatically.
wrapping machinery
After the pallet is stacked, the conveyor forwards it to the wrapping machinery. The package is wrapped by polyethylene film with the rotary conveyor.
unloading zone
Ready-packed products is consistently moving on roller conveyor in the unloading zone.

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