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General classification of cold forming equipment for fasteners, parts and hardware

If you are interested in equipment for fasteners, metal hardware and component parts cold production, we are happy to assist you in choosing the right equipment, we will solve all your problems in realizing your plans and projects.

Many companies use machines for the production of fasteners, bolts, nuts and special parts and supply them to major companies in the automotive industry such as: Toyota, TATA (India), Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, BMW, BENZ, WV, VOLVO and for companies producing motorcycles: Bajaj (India), Hero Honda (India). Also, a large number of special fasteners and parts are used in engineering projects of tAERO Space company for different purposes.

Designing process of metal hardware, fasteners and component parts cold heading traditionally begins with calculating the amount of the final forming position, and further considering the deformation of each part element preliminary blank form is calculated up to the cylindrical blank, cutted from the wire coil. Depending on the calculated degree of metal deformation, changes in the mechanical scheme of total degree of deformation, as well as on technical requirements for specified item (structure, hardness, breaking load etc.), it is determined what chemical, mechanical, physical, technological or special properties deformable metal should have, whether intermediate metal annealing is necessary and what tool is sufficient and for the mass or serial production of fasteners. Make a specification for design and manufacture of equipment. We will offer the best solution to your problem.

Description of the equipment

Cold heading is performed by deforming the original blank by repeated shock loading in stamps. Moreover, local increasing in transverse dimensions while decreasing length is carried out. Blank is fed to the die by means of punch, and then - headed. In case when one stroke can not change the shape to the desired size of the part multi-position machines for heading are used. With the method of cold heading you can manufacture products with transverse parameters of 8-9 quality class (accuracy limit) that allows the use of this technology for the production of parts making up pairing.

In addition, you can get acquainted with our proposed specification of equipment for fasteners, metal hardware and component parts cold production, as necessary theoretical and technological content of cold heading process.



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