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Combined drawing machine is complex combination, and the production will be high-efficiency and guarantee to achieve best quality. This drawing machine integrates the advantages of machines from Germany and Japan. Best quality parts and materials are used on our product. Design the machine with a higher grade of tolerance to increase the durability of the machine. Faster processor units and software are used to ensure the machine's ease of use.

The drawing equipment could be applied to various shafts, sports equipment, various hardware supplies, auto and motorcycle parts, hand tools, bicycle parts, mechanical parts and so on. Along with the combined drawing machine, there are some multi choices for adaptation as listed below.

  • Coil Opener.
  • Push Pointer.
  • Shot Blasting Machine.
  • Straightening and Polishing Machine.
  • Swaging Machine.
  • Pointing Machine.
  • Chamfering Machine.
combined drawing machine combined drawing machine
TypeWorking DiameterWorking Length (m)Max. Tension (kg)Drawing Speed (m/min)Braking Moment for shearing part (N-m)Total Power (kW)Total Weight (t)Weight of Steel (t)Straightness of finished product (mm/m)Surface roughness of finished productsCutting Length (m)
Round (mm)Hex (mm)Square (mm)
0Ø3 - Ø8H3 - H7S3 - S62 - 820008014280153.0 (max)≤0.1 ~ ≤0.8Ra 1.62 - 6
1Ø5 - Ø13H5.5 - H11S5.5 - S940007011219
1BØ5 - Ø16H5.5 - H14S5.5 - S14500014521
1CØ6 - Ø20H6 - H18S6 - S181000060 24
2Ø10 - Ø25H10 - H22S10 - S2252524034
3Ø16 - Ø36H16 - H32S16 - S301500031061
4Ø30 - Ø60H30 - H50S30 - S454000025 34078


scroll right to view the entire equipment layoutCoil Pay-Off standPointing MachineCoil OpenerPre-Straight Unit after Shot-Blasting MachinePre-Straight Unit before Shot-Blasting MachineShot Blasting MachineHydraulic Push PointerDrawing UnitPrecise Straightening MachineDynamic ShearGuide Pipe BoxTwo Roller Straightening MachineUnloading RackChamfering Machine

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Bar Production Procedure for Peeled Bar

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Bar Production Procedure for Cold Drawn Bar

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Coil Pay-Off Stand (Option)

360 degree Circumgyration Coil Pay-off stand 90 degree Tilt-able Coil Pay-off Stand360 degree Circumgyration Coil Pay-off stand 90 degree Tilt-able Coil Pay-off Stand

There are two type of coil pay-off stands:

  • 90 degree Tilt-able Coil Pay-off stand.
  • 360 degree Circumgyration Coil Pay-off stand.

  • Equip with the track and sensor, which can stop the pay-off stand and combined drawing machine simultaneously.
  • Loading weight of Coil Pay-off stand: max. 3 ton.
  • Pay-off Stand can turn over by 90 degree angle.
  • Oil box including motor.

Coil Opener (Option)

To pull the coil into the straightening roller by robot arm. Then, straight the end of coil by rotating rollers. Before the coil enters the drawing die, the beginning of the coil should be reduced the diameter to pass the drawing die.

The coil opener can pull out the end of large diameter wire coils quickly and easily. The crooked part of wire will pass through the straightening rollers and be straightened.

Coil OpenerCoil Opener
  • Customized suitable diameter.
  • Robot arm with power (3.7kw / reduction rate 1:100): 1 pcs.
  • Straightening roller with power (7.5kw / reduction rate 1:60): 5 pcs.
  • Passive roller: 2 pcs.

Pre-Straight Unit before Shot-Blasting Machine (Option)

Equip with powerful pinch roller and horizontal (inverted type) / vertical rollers to pre-straight the coil. It also can be used with In-Line Shot Blasting Machine. Also, equip the chip collecting barrel for the black bar.

Pre-Straight Unit Pre-Straight Unit
  • Motor force roller for material feeding.
  • Power feeding roll.
  • Horizontal straightening machine. 4 rollers are adjust freely.
  • Vertical straightening machine. 4 rollers are adjust freely.

Pointing Machine (Option)

To cut the end of the coil / bar by rotating cutting head.

Before the coil enters the drawing die, the beginning of the coil should be reduced the diameter to pass the drawing die. The function of the pointing machine is to reduce the diameter.

Pointing Machine Pointing Machine Pointing Machine
  • Auto feeding.
  • Customized suitable diameter.
  • Cutting with four knives.
  • Movable-the bottom with tracks.
  • Chip collecting device moves to the operating side, which needs to install wheels at the bottom.
  • Pointing length: max. 300 mm.

Working DiameterØ19 - Ø80 mm
H19 - H63.5 mm
S19 - S40 mm
Working Bar Length2 - 8 M
Length Tolerance<0.8 mm
Pointing Length400 mm
Cutting Depth (Radius)2.0 mm
Diameter Tolerance<2 mm

Shot Blasting Machine (Option)

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting machine use steel ball and high speed rotation fling roller to get the centrifugal force. It beats on the surface of the bar to remove the rust and oxidation surface. And it can replace the non-environmental pickling.

The impeller will eject the steel beads at fast speed and incessantly to strike the surface of the bar. The cast sand or rust skin attached on the coil surface will be fall off.

  • Feed roller groups.
  • Heaving device.
  • Blasting cabin.
  • Four Set Impeller.
  • Dust Collection Machine.
  • Conveyer.
  • Control system.
  • Working Speed match the speed of combined drawing machine.

Pre-Straight Unit (after Shot-Blasting Machine)

Equip with powerful pinch roller and horizontal / vertical rollers to pre-straight the coil

Pre-Straight Unit

Hydraulic Push Pointer (Option)

The push pointer mechanism uses hydraulic power to push the wire end into the drawing die.

Body is constructed by high tensile welding, two high pressure hydraulic cylinder are equipped for the easy to set stoke with a high efficient operation.

This is only suitable for the wires over 18mm diameter. This unit is optional.

  • Customize suitable diameter.
  • Gripper set: 1 set.
  • Oil vat for the gripper: 1 pcs.
  • Oil vat for push: 2 pcs.
  • Limit switch: 2 pcs.
  • Oil pump combination 3.75 kw / 210 kg/cm2: 1 set.
  • Pulling force of push pointer: 300 kg/cm2.

Hydraulic Push Pointer Hydraulic Push PointerHydraulic Push Pointer

Drawing Unit

The casting part is above FC25 level and base is machined in one piece. It is high precision and strength. All rectangular rail and V shape rail were replaced with liner rail to provide better durability and substitute nature.

Twin cam use manufactured by forging with alloy and processed by 5 axis machine. The precision and durability provides long-time running without wear and it makes the movement of the gliding set smoothly.

  • The main body of the drawing seat.
  • Reducer & motor unit.
  • Twin cam & axis unit.
  • Front and back drawing glide set and pincer unit.
  • Hydraulic pressure with the nitrogen bottle.
  • Auto-oiler (could set up oiler frequency on interface).

Drawing Unit Drawing Unit Drawing Unit Drawing Unit Drawing Unit Drawing Unit Drawing Unit Drawing Unit

Die Holder System

Cross construction design is to replace ball type die holder, a dial indicator is equipped to see the statistical adjustment amount.

Option - Motorized Die Holder System.

  • Cross Main die holder
    • Outside die holder- adjust up and down.
    • Inside die holder- adjust left and right.
  • Quick plugging oil pipeline
  • Centrifugal filter machine
  • Gauge with base
  • Lubricate Pump unit

Die Holder System Die Holder System Die Holder System Die Holder System

Precise Straightening Machine

Precise Straightening MachinePrecise Straightening Machine

Precise Straightening Machine

Straightening rollers are powerful with adjustable speed. It is synchronized with the drawing machine. Roller adjustment is driven by motor on one side, and by hand wheel on the other.

There are 7 vertical and 7 horizontal rollers, and the bar straightness can be reached by adjusting the straightening rollers.

  • Horizontal precise straightening unit:
    • 5 Motive straightening rollers.
    • 2 Passive straightening rollers.
    • Power is the reduction machine 20HP - 1:15.
  • Vertical precise straightening unit:
    • 5 Motive straightening rollers.
    • 2 Passive straightening rollers.
    • Power is the reduction machine 20HP - 1:15.

Length Measure System

  • Measure bar length and speed directly.
  • Length tolerance is ±5 mm.
  • Japanese encoder.
  • Air pressure clip bar set.
  • Ring Sensor.
Length Measure Device Length Measure DeviceLength Measure Device

Laser O.D. Measurement (Option)

Laser O.D. Measurement

Laser beam detects the diameter of the bars directly and inspects the size on-line. Feedback function is optional.

Dynamic Shear

Cutting unit is drived by servo motor. The transmission is by the gear and rack.

Also, equip with high precision linear rail and hydraulic shearing.

Using servo motor to drive the unit and the gear wheel, collocate with high precision linear rail and use oil hydraulic cutting.

  • Main shearing set.
  • Linear glide track & lump.
  • Interior hydraulic cutting set.
  • High Pressure oil pump with nitrogen bottle.
  • Servo motor & reducer.
  • Power feed roller set.

Dynamic Shear

Dynamic Shear Dynamic Shear Dynamic Shear Dynamic Shear

Guide Pipe Box

Movable guide pipe box is easily to change the bar diameter and length. It means unnecessary to change the pipe and move the polishing machine. The height is adjustable to collocate two roller straightening machine.

  • Conduit Pipe Set (adjustable guide pipe depends on bar diameter).
  • Prop Stand (3 sets).
  • 0.75 kW Power delivery material machine.
  • Unloading board of special shape.
  • Install auto-output lubricating in feeding conduit area.
  • Suitable for round bar 8.5 m (max)

Guide Pipe Box Guide Pipe Box

Two Roller Straightening Machine

This machine equipped with one concave and one convex rollers. The bar passed two rollers can get the straightness and polish efficiency. Moreover, this machine equips the MMI (touch monitor) to set the paramefers, and figures are capable to be recorded.

  • Lubricating oil pump.
  • Centrifugal oil filter.
  • Machine set.
  • Protecting lid.
  • Guide Plate Holder.

  • Motor (LOW & HIGH) 2 pcs.
  • Concave and Convex Roller.
  • Hydraulic oil tank.
  • The firm seat of leading board.
  • Scale.
  • Waterproof cover and lubrication oil injection pipe.

Bar DiameterØ4 - Ø10 mmØ5 - Ø25 mmØ20 - Ø55 mmØ40 - Ø100 mmØ50 - Ø120 mm
Motor Power10 kW×215 kW×237 kW×275 kW×290 kW×2
Speed30-60 m/min15-45 m/min15-30 m/min10-15 m/min
Two Roller Straightening Machine Two Roller Straightening Machine Two Roller Straightening Machine Two Roller Straightening Machine Two Roller Straightening Machine

Polishing machine

The polishing and straightening machine equips with two pairs of polishing disc and 5 - 7 straightening rings (nozzle). Polishing disc / straight ring (nozzle) are made by high rigid tunsten carbide. Polishing range: Ø3 mm - Ø25 mm in bar diameter.

Polishing machine

Unloading Rack

Pneumatic unloading rack can unload the materail at operation side and opposite side. It also can equip with Eddy Current Detector to separate good products from bad. In-Line Chamfering Machine also can be combined.

  • V-type tank set (Adjustable).
  • Two-way cylinder set.
  • Sensor.
  • Collecting rack.
  • Power of elevating function: 0.75 kW×2.
  • Suitable for round bar 8.5 m (max).

Unloading Rack Unloading Rack

Electric Control Cabinet

High precision PLC is used for controlling all movement and speed. The cabinet equips with the dustproof design and cooling fan.

  • Indoor control box - dust-proof type.
  • Cooling fan set with temperature sensing.
  • ABB Frequency converter.
  • Japanese MITSUBISHI PLC controller.
  • French electromagnetic contact.
  • Japanese OMRON relay.
  • TECO breaker.
  • Japanese MITSUBISHI servo.
  • MMI (man-machine interface) parameter input system.
Electric Control Cabinet

Chamfering Machine (Option)

The material for the automatic lathes often requires a certain bar end shape to ensure a trouble-free feed in the lathe. The advantages of the Chamfering Machine are:

  • Chamfering Machine can be used in-line / off-line with the Combined Drawing Machine.
  • High performance.
  • Surface facing / chamfering synchronization.
  • Quick tool replacement.
Working DiameterØ3 - Ø10 mmØ5 - Ø16 mmØ10 - Ø25 mmØ20 - Ø50 mmØ40 - Ø100 mm
Working ShapeRound Bar, Hex Bar, Square Bar, Tube
Working Length2-6 m
MaterialCopper, Iron, Aluminium
ModelOff-Line Automatic Chamfer / In-Line Automatic Chamfer
Chamfering MachineChamfering Machine

Video of wire drawing equipment in operation

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