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Chemicals for galvanics, chemical galvanizing, phosphatizing and electroplating supplied by Taiwan Metiz Alliance combines high operational reliability, high level of adaptability, they are widely used in factories-leaders in production of fasteners and components for the automotive industry, machine tool industry, microelectronics, fasteners and component parts for large construction companies.

We offer chemicals for galvanics and surface treatment extended in range from the treatment of industrial materials such as bolts, nuts, construction materials, to the treatment of car, motorcycle parts, sanitary ware, golf equipment, accessories for clothing, stationary items and even electronic components and computer parts, etc.

Products and technologies for metal coating and surface treatment

Alkaline liquid cleaners
Alkaline powder cleaners
Acid cleaners
Adds for degreasing solutions
Adds for etching solutions 
Decorative coatings
Adds for bright nickel plating
Adds for semi-bright nickel plating
Matt nickel plating technologies
Bright chromium plating technologies (hexavalent)
Bright chromium plating technologies (trivalent)
Acid galvanizing technologies
Alkaline galvanizing technologies
Zink-iron alloy coating technology
Zink-nickel alloy coating technology
Zink coatings passivation
Components for blue/colorless passivation
Components for yellow/rainbow passivation
Components for black passivation of zink and zink-iron coatings
Components for black passivation of zink-nickel coatings
Components for thick film passivation for strong anticorrosion protection
Chemical nickel plating
Chemical nickel plating technologies (with various phosphorus content)
Nickel-bore plating technology
Chemical nickel plating technology with polytetrafluoroethylene particles
Hard chromium plating
Hard chromium plating technologies (without fluorides)
Splash preventer for chromium plating processes
Aluminum processing
Aluminum clearers
Adds for aluminum etching solutions
Compositions for aluminum passivation (free of hexavalent chromium)
Coating finishing
Water-based topping coating or sealers for strong anticorrosion protection
Colored lacquers (thermo- and UV- cold-setting)

for effluent treatment

Coagulants based on iron compounds
Coagulants based on aluminum compounds
Anionogenic and cationogenic flocculants
Adds for sand filtration effective increasing
Anodic materials
Zinc anodes
Nickel anodes
Tin anodes
Silver anodes
Lead anodes
Spare parts for filters
Cartridges for filters
Instrumentation and automated control systems
Flow-control pumps, pH-and ORP-meters, conductometers 
Accessory products and equipment
Tube and flexible heaters for solutions
Coil pipes and heat-exchange equipment for solutions
Titanic facilities and baskets

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