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After the procedure of crushing on grinding equipment and vibrating screen pieces of metal using a rubberized conveyor belt are directed to magnetic separation (magnetic separator) of metal parts from non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, etc. Sorting equipment for non-ferrous metals, in turn, sorts the non-ferrous metals and non-metal scrap, and by means of the conveyor forwards them to the storage area of sorted articles.

Belt conveyor
Belt conveyor
nonferrous metal
Nonferrous metal
Magnetic separation
Magnetic separation
Magnetic Drum
Magnetic Drum
nonferrous metal
Nonferrous metal

Highlights of the equipment for metal scrap separation

  • Sorts scrap, separating iron from nonferrous metal.
  • The conveyor belt is made of high strength refractory material with a multifunctional corrosion protection.
  • Working platform and stairs are designed for control and maintenance of the pipeline.


концентрический вихретоковый сепаратор


Eddy Current Separator is the most suitable for recycling Copper, Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from industrial rubbish and MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). Nowadays, it’s vastly used in the recycling industries of rubbish, automobiles, electronics, and the material processing of non-ferrous metals, etc.

Eddy Current Separator can recycle many kinds of non-ferrous metals. The compact and durable structure suits the coarse working conditions. Strong magnetic field and variable frequency make Eddy Current Separator a must-have equipment in recycling industries.


Eddy Current Separator is designed on the basic theory that introductive current generates whilst conductor is the high-frequency alternating magnetic field. When Eddy Current Separator works, high-frequency alternating magnetic field generates on the surface of the magnetic rotor.

When non-ferrous metal enter the high-frequency alternating magnetic field, eddy current occurs inside the non-ferrous metal. The direction of the magnetic field by eddy current is counter to that of the magnetic field by the high-frequency alternating magnetic field, which leads to rejecting force.

The rejecting force will forward-throw non-ferrous metals off the high-frequency alternating magnetic field, so non-ferrous metals can be recycled effectively.

Recommendations for the use of a concentric-type eddy current separator

  • For even, stable and level material layer on the belt, vibratory feeder is the better choice.
  • It will be more efficient for the metal over 25mm2.
  • Fixed and reliable installation base is required because of high-rotation parts assembled on the equipment, which cause high vibration whilst running.
Please do keep the easily magnetized objects off the separator's working area due to the strong alternating magnetic field.

Main technical parameters

Type Feed belt Power Weight (kg) Overall dimensions
Feed width (mm) Feed length (mm) Feed size Capacity (m3/h) Energy consumption (kw) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
RGFX-5 500 1500 25 mm2 8 6.25 950 4600 1580 1620
RGFX-6 600 12 1200 1680
RGFX-6.5 650 15 1350 1770
RGFX-8 810 22 1700 1880
RGFX-10 1015 27 1950 2120
RGFX-12 1215 32 2200 2280
RGFX-14 1420 1800 37 8.6 2600 4900 2480
RGFX-16 1600 2000 42 12.5 3260 5100 2680


eccentric eddy current separator


  • Mainly suitable for the industrial waste, living garbage sorting out in copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, used to more fine separation.
  • Can be widely used in garbage disposal, automobile dismantling, recycling of waste electrical appliance and other fields, and processing industry of non-ferrous metal materials processing and other industries.
  • Eddy current separator for a variety of nonferrous metals has good separation effect, it has strong adaptability, reliable mechanical structure, strong magnetic field, the characteristics of adjustable frequency.


  • It is mainly applicable to the separation of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum from industrial wastes and household wastes for more precise sorting.
  • It can be widely used in the fields of garbage disposal, dismantling and recycling of used cars, recycling of waste electrical appliances, and materials processing in non-ferrous metal processing industries.
  • The effect of the machine on the metal sorting above 25 mm2 is more obvious..
  • The machine has high-speed running parts, which will have a large vibration when running, and should have a solid and reliable installation foundation.
  • The machine has a strong alternating magnetic field, and the objects that respond to the alternating magnetic field should be far away from the sorting area.
  • The machine is controlled by variable frequency governor.
  • If the material contains iron, it should be used to remove iron before the machine.


  • The smart touch control cabinet system, frequency conversion control, running more stable and reliable.
  • Adopt eccentric magnetic roller, can effectively prevent the magnetic particles into the magnetic roller surface, the effective protective magnetic roller and running belt.
  • To comparatively light, and the relatively small surface area of the material, separation effect is better than together.
  • Adopting PLC programmable control, one key start, the operation is simple. Bearing imported bearing, long service life and work well.
  • Magnetic roller adopts effective magnetic system protection, prevents fall off when high-speed magnetic system.
  • The whole machine adopts a special process, precision, equipment run time with low noise and vibration.
  • The machine is installed a variety of detection and alarm devices, and real-time monitor the operation of every key part.


equipment design
  1. Vibration motor
  2. Vibrating feeder
  3. Belt drive motor
  4. Belt
  5. Belt replacement device
  6. Rotor motor
  7. Points institution
  8. Non-metal discharging mouth
  9. Non-ferrous metal discharging mouth
  10. Bottom frame


Type Feed belt Energy consumption Weight (kg) Overall dimensions
Feed width (mm) Feed length (mm) Feed size Capacity (m3/h) Power (kw) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
RGFX(P)-5 500 1500 1 mm2 6 7 730 4600 1760 1700
RGFX(P)-6 600 10 895 1860
RGFX(P)-6.5 650 15 950 1910
RGFX(P)-8 810 20 1225 2060
RGFX(P)-10 1015 30 1555 2260
RGFX(P)-12 1215 35 1875 2460
RGFX(P)-14 1420 1800 40 2275 4900 2660
RGFX(P)-16 1600 2000 42 2850 5100 2860


Sorting machine for the extraction of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials. Suitable for the sorting of low density and high conductivity metals such as copper, aluminium and similar. Also suitable for sorting non-conductive materials such as plastics, rubber, composites, ceramics, etc.

eddy current separator

eddy current separator

Вихретоковый сепараторв


Type RGW400F RGW500F RGW600F RGW800F RGW1000F RGW1200F RGW1400F RGW1500F RGW1600F
Width (mm) 400 500 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1500 1600
Capacity (m3/h) 3 ~ 5.2 4 ~ 6.5 5 ~ 7.5 7 ~ 10 9 ~ 12.5 10 ~ 15 12 ~ 18 14 ~ 19.5 15 ~ 21


Electromagnetic drum RLFX(D) series

Electromagnetic drum

The electromagnetic drum is suitable for the separation of steel scrap, separation of large quantities of iron and sharp iron particles, effectively separates iron.

Advantages of the equipment

  • the closed design effectively prevents dust from entering the magnetic system;
  • electromagnetic coils are used to create a magnetic field;
  • complete insulation of the coil from the external environment;
  • compact design;
  • convenient maintenance;
  • safe working for a long time.

Upper feed magnetic drum RLFX(C)

upper feed magnetic drum

The drum has a high magnetic field strength, high iron absorption capacity and good separation quality, and allows even small particles of weak magnetic iron to be separated, which are usually difficult to separate.

Advantages of the equipment

  • The drum is equipped with an effective protection device to prevent cylinder wear.
  • High tension and large magnetic field range, the surface of the magnetic drum mixer is selected from 1000 to 8000 gs at the customer's request.
  • Automatic separation, continuous operation, high productivity, high recovery rate.
  • Simple design, reliable operation, easy installation.

Magnetic separator suspended permanent RLFX(P) series

magnetic separator suspended permanent

The suspended magnetic separator is designed to remove iron-containing contaminants from the transported product on a belt conveyor. Materials: gold, copper ore, iron ore, manganese ore. It is used with all belt conveyors, vibrating feeders and unloading troughs.

Advantages of equipment

  • High coercive force;
  • high residual capacity of the permanent magnet NdFeB to a composite magnetic system;
  • strong magnetic field and magnetic attraction;
  • has no moving parts;
  • does not require a power supply;
  • easy installation, easy use, reliable operation;
  • maintenance-free;
  • technical in accordance with JB / T8711-2006.

Technical parameters of hanging separators with permanent magnets

Type Suitable belt width, mm Rated lifting height, mm Material thickness ≤mm Magnetic field intensity ≥mT Suitable belt speed ≤m/sec Weight, kg Size, mm
RLFX(P)-4 400 130 80 45 2.5 80 400 300 220
RLFX(P)-5 500 150 100 50 125 500 400 220
RLFX(P)-6 600/650 180 130 60 200 600 500 220
RLFX(P)-6.5 650 200 150 65 200 650 600 220
RLFX(P)-8 800 250 200 70 300 800 600 230
RLFX(P)-10 1000 300 250 70 500 1000 800 230
RLFX(P)-12 1200 350 300 70 800 1200 1000 230
RLFX(P)-14 1400 400 350 70 1200 1400 1300 230
RLFX(P)-16 1600 450 400 70 1700 1600 1500 230

Permanent magnet drum RLFX(G)

Permanent magnet drum

The equipment uses a magnetic system with permanent magnets, suitable for steel scrap, efficient separation of large quantities of iron and sharp iron parts.

Advantages of the equipment

  • Clean separation of iron without any foreign non-magnetic impurities.
  • The surface of the roller has a protective device that prevents damage to the equipment by sharp pieces of metal and reduces wear and tear of the belt, prolongs its life, reduces the cost of maintenance and operation.
  • The unique design of the magnetic system gives more power to the magnetic source than the top feeding magnetic drum.
  • Installation in the direction of belt movement reduces the space requirement and can be connected to any corner belt conveyor.

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