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Middle Autumn Festival

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We are having a long weekends coming up to celebrate the Middle Autumn Festival (Taiwan National Holiday) September 29th - October 1st.

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Happy Middle Autumn Festival!




appearance of the galvanized wire galvanizing line

Galvanized wire is widely used in industry and in everyday needs. It has good flexibility and durability, is not subject to corrosion, is used in the construction of fences, fixing various structures, some parts of mechanisms also can not do without it. The zinc layer extends the service life of the product at least three times, as it is not affected by atmospheric moisture that causes rust.

Galvanic galvanizing is an electrolytic method of applying a thin protective layer of zinc to the product, the surface of which must be prepared in advance. This method allows obtaining coatings with thickness of 5-40 microns. The electrolytic method of galvanizing wire is now widely used. The main advantage of this method is the possibility of obtaining highly plastic and uniform zinc coatings.

Electrolytic method of zinc application in comparison with other zinc-coating methods is distinguished by high productivity of the zinc-coating process, low cost price, rather high level of protection of products afterwards, uniformity of zinc coating without leaks, drops, with preservation of shape and dimensions of the product. It is also possible to apply zinc to all areas of products with any complex shape, including various pores and obtain smooth, shiny, not requiring additional processing of decorative protective coatings.

The main advantages of the electrolytic galvanizing method are:

  • the ability to precisely regulate the amount of zinc applied to the surface and to obtain a fairly uniform coating on products of simple configuration;
  • high purity of electrolytically deposited zinc, depending mainly on the purity of the anodes and the chemicals used for bath preparation;
  • high chemical resistance of zinc coatings produced by electrolysis due to the purity of the sludge;
  • low zinc consumption due to the ability to precisely regulate the amount of zinc deposited and the thickness of the coating;
  • good mechanical properties of the coating (coating elasticity and good adhesion to the substrate);
  • metal savings in the electrolytic method compared to the hot method is 50 % or more;
  • electrolytic zinc coatings are also quite resistant to corrosion in tropical climates.

Electrolytic Galvanizing Line Application

Mainly used for producing galvanized steel wire with thick zinc coating layer >40 g/m2 with diameter Ø0.6 - 4.0 mm

appearance of the galvanized wire galvanizing line

Advantages of the Electro Galvanizing Line

  • Modern technology: our equipment is characterized by high performance and impeccable product quality and sets leading world standards.
  • Stable operation, excellent quality and high efficiency.
  • Professional design and manufacture experience in steel wire production line process of more than 10 years.
  • Competitive prices – helps reducing the investment costs and creates more business value for clients.
  • The equipment is very economical and environmentally friendly.
  • The equipment is designed according to customers' requirements, which allows increasing its production potential.

appearance of the galvanized wire galvanizing line

appearance of the galvanized wire galvanizing line

appearance of the galvanized wire galvanizing line

Process Steps for Electrolytic Galvanizing Process

The technology of electrolytic galvanizing consists in deposition of positively charged zinc ions from aqueous solutions of its compounds (electrolytes) on the cathode (the product which is covered) at constant electric current flow through the solution. Zinc plates are used as an anode, placed on a bath in such a way as to ensure uniform flow of anions to the coated surface.

Process Steps for Electrolytic Galvanizing Process

The sequence of the electrolytic galvanizing process: wire feeding (coiled on the disc/coil) heat treatment (annealing) water cooling etching in hydrochloric acid solution to remove rust and scale rinsing washing in water to remove solution galvanizing rinsing with hot water drying on a fast air flow steel wire rewinding to the coil.

The Electrolytic Galvanizing technological process is shown for reference only. The brass plating steel wire production line is designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

appearance of the galvanized wire galvanizing line

Technical parameters of the Electro Galvanizing Line

Work material low carbon / medium carbon / high carbon steel wire
Steel wire diameter Ø 0.6 - 4.0 mm
Line speed DV: 50-80 mm. m/min
Wire number 8 - 40
Zinc thickness 40 g/m2
Working hours 24 hours continuously
Production capacity According to customer’s needs

appearance of the galvanized wire galvanizing line

Video of the Operation of the Steel Wire Electrolytic Galvanizing Line

For detailed information on the components included in the Electrolytic galvanizing line for steel wire, see the page SURFACE TREATMENT LINES COMPONENTS

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