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Pre-Treatment Dry Drawing Line Outlook

Pre-Treatment Dry Drawing Line Outlook

Pre-Treatment Dry Drawing Line Outlook

Pre-Treatment Dry Drawing Line Outlook

Pre-Treatment Dry Drawing Line Outlook

Pre-Treatment Line Application

Pre-Treatment Dry Drawing Line Outlook

The pre-treatment dry drawing line is mainly used for steel wire surface pre-treatment, such as removing rust, removing oxide skin, electrolyzed phosphating, borax and so on, to provide smooth and available steel wire for the follow-up process.

Equipment Advantages

Pre-Treatment Dry Drawing Line Outlook
  • Brightening of the wire surface, no damage to the surface of the wire.
  • Low operating cost, high efficiency and energy-saving.
  • Beautiful construction, simple and safe to operate and maintain.
  • European and American advanced technology.

Process Step

Process Step
The above process step is only for reference. We can design and manufacture the most suitable production line according to customers' requirements.

Technical Parameters

Material Carbon content 0.05 - 1.0%
Pay-off type No need to stop when replacing,
C-hook type with snarl / C-hook with wire entangle stop device
Wire diameter Ø4 - 10 mm
Wire number 1 / 2 / multiple
Line speed ≈120 m/min
Descaling method Mechanical scale brusher – 8 descaling wheels in 2 groups / Brusher
Surface cleaning Chemical cleaning / Electrolytic pickling
Acid pickling H2SO4 + Electrical / HCl + Steam
Boraxing type On-line continuous
Wire-drawing machine type straight line wire drawing, the first process is automatic wire accumulating drum
Take-up type Coiler take up machine, adjustable circle vector

Information required for the proposal

Which information is needed to make a proposal?

  1. Wire material.
  2. Diameter range.
  3. Wire numbers.
  4. Coating weight.
  5. Capacity.
  6. Pay-off and take-up method: spool/bobbin, spindle, spider / other.

For detailed information on the components included in the Pre-treatment dry drawing line, see the page SURFACE TREATMENT LINES COMPONENTS

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