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EQUIPMENT for wires galvanizing

Equipment for wire copper plating and galvanizing is used for the application of zinc, copper and other coating on the wire used in the manufacture of metal products, nails, etc. The line is a sequence of baths, with appropriate solutions, chemicals. Several parallel wire filaments of the same diameter are drawn on the surface of the galvanizing bath, made of polypropylene (on each of there is an electric motor) continuously and at a predetermined speed.

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Type of equipment for electroplating the surface of the wire:

  • Equipment for wire galvanizing.
  • Equipment for wire copper plating.
  • Equipment for wire nickel plating.
  • Equipment for wire tin plating.
  • Equipment for wire silvering.
  • Equipment for the production of tinned wire, wire for electrodes.

Technological scheme of wire electroplating

02Removing rust
03Flushing (cutting knives)
04Electrolytic degreasing
05Flushing (cutting knives)
07Flushing (cutting knives)
09Flushing (cutting knives)
10Rinsing in hot water
11Drying (cutting knives)x 2 pcs.
12Reeling in coils


Equipment for sheet metal galvanizing.

Parameters of the BlanksSize
WireØ8.0 mm
Ø0.8-2.6 mm
Microsize Ø0.1-1.2 mm
Wire electrodes
Rod20х150 mm
Sheet metalthickness: 50 mm
width of reeling in coils: 400 mm


Electrolytic degreasing Bath
Electrolytic etching Bath
Wire transmission Wheel

Technical description and specification of equipment for wire copper plating and galvanizing:

  • Suitable for brief wire treatments.
  • Fully automated process.
  • The ability to control the database management.
  • Control of the processing time.
  • Automatic adjustment of wire drawing speed.
  • Galvanic baths are made of acid-resistant polypropylene.
  • Working speed: 800 m / min.
  • Working temperature: 70°C
  • Stability in operation.
  • Good thermal insulation, fast heating.
  • Lines are available for treating the surface of rods, pipes and sheet metal.

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