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Wire Pointing Machine

To cut the end of the coil / bar by rotating cutting head.

Before the coil enters the drawing die, the beginning of the coil should be reduced the diameter to pass the drawing die. The function of the pointing machine is to reduce the diameter.

Pointing Machine Wire Pointing Machine Pointing Machine
  • Auto feeding.
  • Customized suitable diameter.
  • Cutting with four knives.
  • Movable-the bottom with tracks.
  • Chip collecting device moves to the operating side, which needs to install wheels at the bottom.
  • Pointing length: max. 300 mm.

Working DiameterØ19 - Ø80 mm
H19 - H63.5 mm
S19 - S40 mm
Working Bar Length2 - 8 M
Length Tolerance<0.8 mm
Pointing Length400 mm
Cutting Depth (Radius)2.0 mm
Diameter Tolerance<2 mm

Automatic Wire Shaving Machine RGV series

After straightening the wire rod in the straightening unit of the RGO decoiler, proceed to feed the wire to the RGV shaving machine. Shaving machine will fixate the wire before shaving work can begin.

Shaving work is fully automated, and once the shaving is complete, the machine will come to a stop, and the shaved wire end can be reversed out of the RGV equipment. RGV shaving machine will then slide out of the production line, semi-automatically via railing.

The wire rod is fed further into the drawing die. The wire shaving equipment can work in the same line of equipment synchronously with the drawing machine.

Additional information about the operation of the wire rod end sharpening unit in conjunction with the automatic wire feeding device for large diameter wire rod is available on this page

wire shaving machine wire sharpening unit
Automatic Large Diameter Wire Feeding & Shaving Machine Specification
Wire RangeØ22 mm ~ 9 mmØ32 mm ~ 10 mmØ36 mm ~ 25 mmØ45 mm ~ 37 mm
Power SourceAC 380 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase
Shaving Machine Motors3 HP + 1 HP Motor with Inverter Drive
Lubricating Motor1/2 HP
Hydraulic Pump5 HP
For smaller sized diameter wire rod, use the manual POINTER. This manual method is much more efficient for pointing small diameter wire.

Wire Shaving Device Features

  • Fast shave time: 1.0m length takes about 5~10 mins (shaving time is dependent on wire diameter).
  • Produces an uniform round head for smooth insertion through the die, all the way to the automated hydraulic clipper.
  • Digital Control: relative to the wire diameter and shaving depth the control system will automatically adjust the rotational and feeding speed.
  • The uniquely designed turning tool adopts a reducer motor that drives the speed of the tool and feeding blade.
  • Left & right side each has 1 set of hydraulic cylinder for centering. This greatly helps optimize the shaving speed and the roundness of the wire head.
  • Pre-requisite process before wire shaving treatment: wire rod needs to be straightened before shaving treatment (straightened length must be longer than the shaving distance).

Wire Shaving Device includes

  • Segmented cross clamping device for fixed wire.
  • 1 set of 3 pcs guide wheel - clamping device - on the front and rear side of turning tool.
  • Lubricating motor: 1/2 HP
  • Hydraulic pump: 5 HP
  • Wire will be treated within specification of the drawing range.
  • Four blades to adjust simultaneously.
  • Hydraulic system to automatically move blades during wire head treatment.
  • Hydraulic trolley: 1 set (shavings waste collector).

scalping head of the sharpening machine RGV-30
RGV-30 Sharpening Machine Wire Head Shaving Tool

RGV-20 Wire Shaving Device Design

RGV-20 Wire Shaving Device Design

Roller type wire sharpening machines

A wire sharpening machine is an electromechanical intermittent device designed to sharpen the ends of small wire rod. The pointing operation is necessary so that the rod / wire, the diameter of which initially exceeds the diameter of the installed die, enters the drawing bench without difficulty.

The working elements of the roller cutting device are two rotating rollers that directly narrow the end of the wire rod / wire. The rotation of the rolls occurs at a constant speed, and the rolls themselves have furrows with a decreasing step distance.

Roller tipe wire sharpening machines are controlled by a push-button panel. In addition, this pointing machine can also be started with a foot pedal.

Roller type wire sharpening machine RS-3/16S for wire rod sharpening

wire rod end sharpening unit RS-16S
Roller type wire sharpening machine RS-16S for wire rod sharpening

Specification of RS Series Roller Pointer Machines
Wire RangeØ3.0 - Ø0.8 mmØ6.5 - Ø1.5 mmØ8.0 - Ø2.0 mmØ16.0 - Ø3.0 mm
Roller length85 mm140 mm250 mm
Roller diameter60 mm80 mm120 mm
Groove amount8101114
Roller hardnessMore than HRC58
Roller materialBearing steel
Roller rotation speed26 rpm39 rpm32 rpm
Мощность двигателя1.5 kW5.5 kW
Wheels for moving the machineYesOptional
Equipment size (L×W×H)600×210×980850×750×10701000×730×1210
Weight170 kg394 kg600 kg
Wire rod typeLow-medium-high carbon

Roller type wire sharpening machine RC-7/36 for wire rod sharpening

wire rod end sharpening unit RC-13-5
Roller type wire sharpening machine RC-13-5 for wire rod sharpening
roller type wire rod end sharpening unit RC-36-24
Roller type wire sharpening machine RC-36-24 for wire rod sharpening
wire rod end sharpening unit RC-20-5 wire rod end sharpening unit RC-20-5
Roller type wire sharpening machine RC-20-5 for wire rod sharpening

Specification of RC Series Roller Pointer Machines
TypeMovable TypeRotary Type (90° Degrees Rotatable to provide a more rounded pointing)
Wire RangeØ7.0 - Ø1.6 mmØ13.0 - Ø5.0 mmØ20.0 - Ø5.0 mmØ20.0 - Ø10.0 mmØ20.0 - Ø12.0 mmØ36.0 - Ø24.5 mm
Motor Power5 HP10 HP15 HP
Power SourceAC 380 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase
Control MethodSingle Button Operation / Foot Pedal Control

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