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Wide wire coil compacting and holder-removing packing line

The packing line is designed for compacting, strapping, holder removal, and wrapping of large metal wire products. It is composed of a feeding conveyor, compacting and rotating system, strapping station, holder removal system, tilting system, wrapping machine, and other components.

Brief parameters of the source material for packaging
ApplicationSteel Wire
Wire Coil Inner Diameter≥405 mm
Wire Coil Outer Diameter800-1200 mm
Wire Coil Width600-1200 mm
Coil Weight≤2.5 T
wide wire coil packing line
metal wire coil packaging line
A packaging line installed in the factory workshop for automatic positioning of wire coils, compaction of wire, strapping and turning of coils, removal of coil holders from coils and wrapping of coils.
wide wire col wrapping machine
Wide wire col wrapping machine
feeding positioning line
Feeding positioning line
lifting, compacting, rotating system
Wire coil lifting / compacting / rotating system
auto tilting and discharging system
Auto tilting and discharging system
coil holder recycle system
Wire coil holder recycle system

Horizontal Wire Coil packing Line

This packing line is suitable for packing various metal wire products. It includes a feeding line, weighing system, wrapping machine, labeling machine, storage system, and more.

Brief parameters of the source material for packaging
Applicationvarious Wire Products
Wire Coil Inner Diameter≥600 mm
Wire Coil Outer Diameter1100-1500 mm
Wire Coil Height200-800 mm
Coil Weight≤2.5 T
horizontal wire coil packing line
Machine for winding wide coils of wire
wire coil feeding and weighing station
Wire coil feeding and weighing station
double wrapping machine station
Double wrapping machine station
end storage station
End storage station


steel wire packing machine

Steel Wire wrapping Machines

The SWM series steel wire packing machine is primarily used for wrapping various types of steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, strand wire, and other wire coil products. This process ensures the product is relatively sealed, well-protected, and aesthetically pleasing.

Key features include:

  • Choice of vertical or horizontal type according to needs.
  • Option for automatic or semi-automatic control.
  • Selection of different wrapping material release systems.
  • Adjustable turning ring height to accommodate objects with different inner and outer diameters. Precise positioning to protect the ring effectively.
  • High antifriction PU for friction wheels and a fully cast structure for the turning ring.
  • Synchronous wrapping system option for wrapping two different materials simultaneously.
  • Compatibility with various packing materials such as knit tape, stretch film, non-woven fabrics, bubble film, plastic tape, compound paper, and hessian.
  • Patented tension control system, allowing adjustment of wrapping tension and overlap as needed. Wrapping with constant tension, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Supportive and protective rollers that can be wrapped with PU if required.
  • Button operation for convenience and efficiency.
  • Easy wrapping tape replacement with one-button reset.

steel wire wrapping machine
SWM-W1500 steel wire wrapping machine
steel wire wrapping machine
SWM-S300 steel wire wrapping machine
steel wire wrapping machine
SWM-S200 steel wire wrapping machine
steel wire wrapping machine
SWM-W150 steel wire wrapping machine with incline table

Specification of Steel Wire Packing Equipment
Wire Coil Outer Diameter, mm350-600800-1200600-1200400-600600-900800-15001500-2500800-1500
Wire Coil Inner Diameter, mm≥200≥400≥400≥200≥400≥600≥1000≥400
Wire Coil Height (Width), mm≤200≤300≤500≤100≤200≤600≤300800-1500
Wire Skein Weight, kg≤50≤200≤1000≤80≤100≤1500≤1500≤2000
Ring Speed~ 100 r/min~ 80 r/min~ 80 r/min~ 80 r/min~ 70 r/min~ 60 r/min~ 80 r/min~ 2 m/sec
Packing Materialknit tape/ composite paper tape / laminated inhibited paper tape / woven tape / non-woven fabrics / stretch film / bubble film / anti-corrosion film / hessian / etc.
Power Output, kW~ 1.0~ 3.0~ 4.5~ 3.0~ 3.0~ 10.0~ 4.5~ 12.0
Power Supply380VAC 50Hz 3 Phase
Pushing-out device (for easy offloading)optional/
Synchronous Wrappingoptional/optional/
Moveable Wrapper/optional/
Circumferential labeling deviceoptional 

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