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правильно-отрезной станок для шпильки и прутка

Description of cutting equipment

Straight-cutting machines of the RG-AY series are designed for automatic unwinding of wire from a coiled wire, straightening, feeding wire to the required length and cutting to size.

The equipment produces measuring rods and studs, standard DIN 525, DIN 835, DIN 938, DIN 939, DIN 975, DIN 976-1, DIN 976 and others. The minimum length of the cut workpiece is 30 mm, the maximum length is within 12 meters.

Straightening is carried out by a rotating straightening frame (rotor type) by multiple transverse plastic bending of the wire with special crackers installed in the slots of the straightening frame. Wire feeding is carried out by drive rollers located before and after the correct frame.

The length of the cut is controlled by an electric mechanism; the equipment has high productivity and is easy to maintain and operate. New patented hydraulic cutting and feeding, adjustable machine speed. Optionally, it can be equipped with a chamfering machine.

Threaded Rod Production Technology

The wire rod is cleaned of impurities and contaminants, coated with grease and phosphate. The wire rod is then fed into the moulding unit, where it is given a perfect cylindrical shape and an order-specific cross section size. The following steps are followed by the production of workpieces corresponding to the dimensions of the workpiece and the shaping of the surface according to the drawing. The final step in the production of studs is the thread rolling process, taking into account the diameter, tolerance, runaway and lengths specified in the order.

The technology of stud production on lathes consists of several operations, the results of which are subject to mandatory control. They include: cutting of rod (metal bar) into individual pieces of the required length in a band saw or straightening and cutting machine; pre-machining of the workpiece surface and thread cutting with 1.5-2.0 mm allowances for finishing; heat treatment to obtain the required strength and final, finishing, machining with the output of the finished part.

Advantages of the straightening-cutting machines

  • Good performance, quick readjustment, reduced noise and vibration, increased service life of the wearing parts of the right-cut machines;
  • Automatic machine control via PLC (programmable logic controller);
  • 2 electric motors: Guillotine drive motor and common electric motor for wire feed + straightening frame rotation;
  • High quality control (ISO 9001, ISO 9002), European safety certificate (CE);
  • Fast changeover, reduced noise and vibration, longer service life of wear parts of the straightening-cutting machine.
Productivity (wire feed rate), cutting accuracy, straightness of the bar and the range of bar lengths to be cut are determined according to the specification.

Design features of the cutting machine

  • Cutting part adopts hydraulic cutting device.
  • Cutting body adopts movable slide seat equipment (linear type slide rail).
  • Feed part adopts adjustable motor speed for free adjustment.
  • Wire appearance is not damaged to keep a beautiful outlook.
  • High stability, suitable for forging, auto lathe, rod material, screw, spindle, steel, brass, iron, and metals etc. stainless steel wire material.
  • Cutting length can be custom-made for minimum length 30mm, maximum length within 12 m. (Super-length is controlled by electric preset for high performance and easy operation.)
  • Flat cutting, low error rate.
  • Adopts CE standard electrical engineering control system, high safety, low malfunction rate, good function, and productivity is increased.
  • Low consumption of roller, and not wearing on straightener.

Specification of cutting equipment for studs

Standard wire diameter, mm1-1.81.5-3.03-64-86-108-1210-1414-18
Cut-off bar length, mm300-300030-250040-250050-300050-300075-300080-300090-3000
Hydraulic motor of the cut-off mechanism power, hp1222357 ½10
Straightening motor power, hp1257.510153050
Feed motor power, hp¼½11235
Feed rate, m/minute 8-488-4810-6010-6012-7212-7212-72
Equipment weight, kg (net/gross)150/200600/720700/8201250/14001450/16002100/23003000/32504000/4300
Equipment size in packaging, mm1400 × 600 × 7501500 × 1000 × 12701600 × 1100 × 12702200 × 1400 × 15202300 × 1400 × 15202800 × 1600 × 16003200 × 2000 × 17004000 × 2100 × 1750

металлический пруток

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