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We are developing washing machines for vacuum hydrocarbon ultrasonic cleaning. The composition of AQ-SOLVENT solvents for cleaning parts has been developed and perfected over 30 years. We are ready to offer a water-soluble cleaning agents, inhibitors, means for displacing oil with water etc.

With the experience and knowledge of the mechanisms of hydrocarbon washing machines we offer choice of a large range of solvents, the most suitable for a particular type of cleaning, including operating and application instructions, technical support for the maintenance of the equipment.

AQ-SOLVENT is based on isoparaffin hydrocarbon of high degree of purification. Solvents are not contain unsaturated hydrocarbons, aromatic additives or impurities such as sulfur and chlorine. Isoparaffin hydrocarbon is not harmful to humans and the environment, it is also widely used as additive in cosmetics. Isoparaffin hydrocarbon serves as a main component, cleaning agent, has ideal physical properties and unlike simple flammable paraffinic hydrocarbon has a relatively high ignition temperature and final boiling point.

Solvents comparison
Main componentisoparaffinisoparaffinisoparaffinisoparaffin
Flash point48°C41°C71°C24°C
Ignition temperature368°C and higher200°C and higher220°C and higher200°C and higher
Boiling point176°C153°C188°C130°C
Boiling end180°C180°C213°C165°C
ClassificationMineral oil #2Mineral oil #2Mineral oil #3Mineral oil #2

Solvents vaporation

Solvents vaporation comparison
Solvents vaporation comparison diagram

*data obtained after the addition of solution (10 g.) in a 90 mm in diameter laboratory dish with evaporation of test samples at 30 °C temperature

Solvents RG/RGF/RGX Series are best suited for degreasing and removal of fine particles from the surface of electronic tools, communication devices, automotive parts, household appliances.

High-efficiency hydrocarbon solvent AQ-RAX Series

AQ-RAX SERIES hydrocarbon solvent is suitable for contaminated parts degreasing, removing oil used in industrial mechanisms operating at high pressure. AQ-RAX SERIES solvent has been specifically designed for the removal of solid organic compounds, flux, paraffin, wax, resin, tar.

AQ-RAX solvent was specially developed with the addition of glycol-based oil hydrocarbon, it is ideal for degreasing and removing of remaining flux and ion-containing coat. Its solvent power is very high, however, it can be easily disposed using distiller.

AQ-RAX #100 azeotropic solution with the addition of glycol to highly refined paraffin, which can be recycled by distiller. Ideal for printed circuit boards and solder components cleaning from flux.

AQ-RAX #200 is processed similarly as the AQ-RAX #100. Widely used for Ultrasonic cleaning and steam cleaning.

Comparison of dissolving power

regular hydrocarbon solventAQ-RAX
Regular hydrocarbon solventAQ-RAX Series solvent

Product nameFunctionPropertiesApplication methodsconcentrationPackage
AQ-RAX #100cleaning from fluxgroup 4, Mineral oil #2, Flash point 41°Cimmersion cleaning, ultrasonic cleaningsheer18L
AQ-RAX #200group 4, Mineral oil #3, Flash point 73°C

High-efficiency hydrocarbon solvent AQ-SOLVENT GR/SP SERIES

We are a supplier of series of safe solvents for cleaning and removing of hard-soluble pollutants, such as adhesives, paint, scale. Our solvent is based on isoparaffin hydrocarbon with high cleaning properties and does not contain benzene, xylene, toluene, aromatic additives that are dangerous to the environment. AQ-SOLVENT GR / SP SERIES solvents are ideal for precision cleaning, including degreasing and removing elements and parts with submicron dimensions.

Functional classification:

  • removal of flux;
  • cleaning of metal molds (incl. Plastic mold);
  • removal of paint and ink;
  • removal rust and scale;
  • cleaning of soil containing ions, fingerprints removal.

AQ-SOLVENT RGR-1000 is used for electronic and precision parts cleaning. Best suited for cleaning ion-containing coat and remove fingerprints. Water-soluble. After solvent treatment of the parts rinsing and drying operations are allowed.

AQ-SOLVENT RSP is used for adhesives, paints, inks and resin removal. Suitable for recycling and reuse.

AQ-SOLVENT RSP-20D and AQ-SOLVENT RSP-30 have good penetrating ability, easily remove adhesive substances from blanks surface in a short time, the adhesive softens and removes dirt, paint, ink and resin.

AQ-SOLVENT RSP-100E removes dirt, adhesive, paint, ink and resin.

Product nameFunctionPropertiesApplication methodsconcentrationPackage
RGR-1000cleaning of soil containing ions, fingerprints removalgroup 4, Mineral oil #3, Flash point 89°Cimmersion cleaning, ultrasonic cleaningsheer18L
RSPalternate solventgroup 4, Mineral oil #2, Flash point 34°Cimmersion cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning
RSP-20Dgroup 4, Mineral oil #2, Flash point 23°C
RSP-30group 4, Mineral oil #2, Flash point 23°C
RSP-100Egroup 4, Mineral oil #2, Flash point 55°Cimmersion cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning

Hydrocarbon agent for water displacement AQ-SOLVENT RZ SERIES

Hydrocarbon agent for water displacement has a high rates of cleaning the blank surface from inorganic fine particles.

Product nameMain componentFlash pointClassificationProtocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers
SOLVENT RZ-G3isoparaffin hydrocarbon46°CMineral oil #2not applicable
SOLVENT RZ-SPisoparaffin hydrocarbon83°CMineral oil #3not applicable
SOLVENT RZ-71paraffin hydrocarbon71°CMineral oil #3not applicable

Displacement characteristics

Immerse the wire mesh in water for filling the cells with water and then immerse the same mesh in hydrocarbon agent for displacing water to observe process and nature of water movement in the cells of the wire mesh in the solution, to check the speed with which water is separated from the mesh and the coefficient of water displacement.

Product nameCorrelation of water drops remainder after 3 secCorrelation of water drops remainder after 5 secparaffin hydrocarbon
AQ-SOLVENT RZ-G3remainder about 10%No remainder
Product of other Company Nremainder about 30%remainder about 10%

Production service life

There are many commercial products with excellent characteristics of water displacement, but fast losing their characteristics. For this reason it is very important to pay attention to the service life of acquired products.

Product nameLiquid separation AFTER 1 minLiquid separation AFTER 5 min
AQ-SOLVENT RZ-G3About 30% of water separatedComplete separation, clear water
Product of other Company NAfter shaking no significant differencesInterdeterminate boundary, turbid water
AQ-SOLVENT RZ-G3 after 1 minAQ-SOLVENT RZ-G3 after 5 minregular product for water diplacement after 1 minregular product for water diplacement  after 5 min
RZ-G3Product of other Company N
1 min5 min1 min5 min

Test Method

Add water (20 cc) to water displacement agent (80 cc) in the test tube. Shake it strongly for 5 min to make the components – water and water displacement agent start to move and mix.

After mixing leave the test tube and observe the process of separation of water and water displacement agent into two layers, noting the color of the fluid - clean clear water or drumly.

If the water after separation become transparent and there is a clear boundary between the layers of liquid, such products have good quality (without defects).

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