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Vacuum drying oven AUD-1

This equipment reduces exhaust emissions to the environment, including emissions from industrial waste water after completion of drying and washing, that is a serious approach to environmental protection. AUD-1 Series vacuum drying chamber provides a quick drying of products and a low percentage of electricity consumption.

The equipment is able to evaporate remaining oil particles from the surface of products, technological equipment, as well as machine parts. Energy-saving, high quality drying and evaporating capacity factor are very important characteristics of the equipment. The equipment is ideal for heat air-conditioning systems exchangers drying.

Type of equipment Technological process of vacuum drying oven
  1. Oil heating.
  2. Oil heater.
  3. Hot air catch tank.
  4. Vacuum drying oven .
  5. Catch tank for air bleed.
  6. Air bleed.
  7. Vacuum collector.
  8. Exhaust-cleaning equipment.
  9. Bath for cleaned used oil.


The principle of vacuum drying chamber operation is interchange of air heating and vacuum drying processes as shown.


Hydrocarbon solution gas (exhaust) recovery equipment RECO

This equipment makes the gases to the liquid state and restores dissolved in hydrocarbon gas solution formed as a result of vacuum washer. Exhaust gas discharged through the vacuum pump can be recovered. For the equipment installation you need only lead gas outlet tubes. The equipment is easily combined and can be used or installed in-line with any washing equipment. The equipment is easy to use, does not require replacement of consumables such as filters, dimensions are small enough. The equipment has vertical design, only 29 cm in width and can be installed anywhere.

Exhaust volume Solution Group 4, mineral oil №2, crude oil №3, standard cleaning hydrocarbon solution . RECO
Standard volume of leaking gas 3.5m3/min. (max. 5.5 m3/ min.)
Standard temperature of treated gas 50℃ (max. 90℃)
Two-stage system of gas recovery Primary Open-type gas catcher (with demister)
Secondary Close-type water-cooling heat exchanger
Fluid separation system Recovery system by gravity separation
Tools Recovered gas indicator, exhaust gas indicator, coolant temperature indicator, meter (level) for separated water.
quick-btn-cont for recovered solution 18 litres plastic quick-btn-cont
Equipment appearance Dimensions 550х290х1200 mm Weight 50 kg
Body colored enclosure Legs installing bolts х 4 pcs.
Fittings Gas feeding 50 А Gas emission 50 А
Cooling liquid feeding 15 А, ridged dispersing nozzle Cooling liquid emission 15 А, ridged dispersing nozzle
Integrated mechanism Cooling liquid volume 2 l/min. (recommended temperature 20-25℃)

*this equipment cannot be used for solutions recovery, containing corrosive gas, aggressive gas and alkohol.


Equipment for oil removing with flash heat DRYMASTER

DRYMASTER evaporates B-1 SERIES oil so fast that does not leave spots on metal surface. DRYMASTERAll treatment process takes a few seconds. Continuous processing is available. The equipment uses an induction heating system, which heats only press group parts. Unlike electric heating induction heating is not harmful to the environment and do not bother air-conditioning facilities.

Equipment is widely used for:

  • hardware running parts cleaning,
  • automatic equipment parts,
  • plates,
  • engine bodies etc.

Type of finished unoiled items


  • standard equipment dimensions: 1300 х 1100 х 1200 mm
  • capacity 5 kW
  • conveyor dimensions: length 1000 х width 60 mm
  • linear speed 30-120 mm/sec. pass line 1000 mm


Equipment for oil and water separation CRS-20AQ

Equipment is ideal for oil and liquid separation in water-soluble environment. Fractional filter special design helps to degrease solutions. Filter fiber captures particles of oil, and has good acceptance rate. Filter acts as a separator of water and oil, collects fine particles of emulsified oil, transforming them into bigger size fractions which can be easily removed from the solution surface.

Technical specifications of equipment Type of equipment





*to see the dimensions of equipment click this photo.

Item Specifications
Performance 1000/1200 L/h (50/60 Hz)
Max. pressure 0.5 МPa
capacity 3 phases, alternating current 200V, 50/60 Hz
(alternating current 220V, 60Hz)
Power input 0.4 kW
Solution temperature max. 80℃
Solution volume 50 litre
Equipment dimensions 530х580х1465 mm
Net weight 90 kg
Filter brand PW320-10.PW320-12.PC614-01Z
Audible warning Filter blockage, pump overload

Degree of water treatment

BEFORE - oil concentration 5000 mg/ l

AFTER - oil concentration 30 mg/ l


Wastewater cleaning equipment ES-200AQ-16

The equipment is ideal for closed-cycle production. Cleaning and restoration of waste water is caused by UV filter technology. UV filter includes a permeable membrane for water filtration. Filter membrane does not pass oil and other foreign bodies.

Technical specifications of equipment Type of equipment


*to see the dimensions of equipment click this photo.


Technical specifications of equipment

Item Specifications Degree of water treatment
Performance 200 L/h
Max. pressure 0.5 МPa
capacity 3 phases, alternating current 200V, 50/60 Hz
Power input 0.4 kW
Solution temperature max. 60℃
Solution volume 40 litre
Equipment dimensions 600х800х1800 mm
Net weight 90 kg
Filter brand 100000MW (set of 16 pcs) BEFORE - oil concentration 1000 mg/ l
Audible warning fall of water level AFTER - oil concentration 3 mg/ l

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