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Application of crimp worm clamps

automotive crimp clamp

The worm clamp is a fastening element designed for the tight connection of flexible pipelines, hoses, tubes. Clamps of this type have found their application in mechanical engineering for making joints on which there is a significant mechanical load, for fastening and sealing connections of hoses, pipes and other rigid and flexible pipelines in hydraulic (water, oil, fuel, etc.) and pneumatic systems car, for connecting gas lines in cars, as well as for connecting pipes, for example, in refrigerators, stoves and other household items, in sanitary systems, technological equipment, for tightening pipes, hoses, hoses on nipples in fuel supply systems, compressed air, gases, cold and hot water, for connecting hoses at machine-building plants in the production of special equipment, where high mechanical loads on the connections are expected.

That is, the scope of application of crimp clamps applies to all structures that include flexible, plastic pipes.

A great advantage that crimp clamps have is their multiple use. If a lot of hoses are involved in organizing the system, which is important to be able to rearrange or replace due to blockage, damage, clamps allow you to fulfill these requirements and tightly connect the joints and transitions from equipment to hoses.

The ability to quickly replace and reinstall coiled tubing is important in automotive engines. Connecting pipes to each other in the water supply system is possible provided that flexible pipelines are used.

In modern construction, plastic pipes are more often used, which can be quickly and easily repaired. In cases where it is necessary to install a bandage on a damaged metal pipe, the crimp clamp will perfectly cope with this task.

Brief description of equipment

This assembly equipment automatically assembles automotive hose clamps using flow feeding devices and rotary tables. All parts such as worm screw, connecting tape, clamp housing are assembled by rolling and fixing. The process control system includes technology for full automation of cutting, punching, strapping, and visual control using intelligent tools.

Hose clamp assembly equipment not only maximizes the efficiency and quality of production, but also reduces the cost of producing the hose clamps. Advanced equipment design, high level of automation, stable performance, wide adjustment range, high efficiency.

The assembly process is controlled by a PLC microcomputer, which records all data and is equipped with a HMI-interface, most of the technical parameters can be set using the touch screen.

Appearance of assembly equipment for hose clamps

Appearance of assembly equipment for clamps Appearance of assembly equipment for clamps

Main technical characteristics of the assembly machine

Dimensions2600(L) × 1200(W) × 1800mm(H)
Required working space5000(L) × 3000mm(W)
Net weight1000 kg
Power supplysingle phase 110 / 220V 50 / 60Hz
Pressure0.5MPa-0.7MPa (72.5-101.5 PSI)
Productivity1000 pcs/h
Free torque0.8-1.3 N·m
Break torquemore than 13.56 N·m
Equipment failure rate0.5%
Component manufacturersPanasonic, SMC, Keyence, SIEMENS, BASLER, Schneider, HIWIN
It is possible to change many parameters of the assembly equipment at the request of the client. Also, at the request of the client, it is possible to modify the machine to work with two or four different clamp sizes.

Automotive clamp assembly diagram

The function of this assembly machine is to assemble three clamp parts into one product, and then inspect the assembled clamp to ensure 100% assembly quality.

The metal band for the clamps is fed into the machine through an automatic flatting system. Next, the tape is cut to the desired size and stamped into the desired shape.

The clamp housing are fed into the machine by a vibrating linear feeder with a hopper. They will be installed securely into the cut and stamped metal strip.

The band of the clamp together with the housing is rolled up in a circle and fixed by the rigging system, and then transferred to the next assembly stage.

Automotive clamp assembly diagram

The worm screws for the clamps are loaded into the machine by a vibrating linear feeder with a hopper. Next, these screws are screwed into the assembled tape and clamp housing.

After these assembly steps, the automotive hose clamp is already assembled. At the output of the assembly machine, there is a check system to determine if the finished clamp is tight enough and if the free torque is fully adequate.

The collected car clamps are fed to an automatic sorting device. The clamps that have passed all the stages of inspection go to the container with the finished product, and the defective products - to the container with the defective product.

Equipment operation video

Watch on YouTube: "Hose Clamp Assembly Machine"


This versatile equipment is designed for the production of complex small parts from wire and metal tape, including the head (lock) of an automobile worm clamp.

This machine has almost the full range of capabilities usually available only to punch presses and dies, and surpasses them in the field of bending and forming complex products. The equipment is controlled by a PLC.

universal punching and forming machine for producing hose clamp head product samples product samples

Main technical characteristics of the equipment

Max. thickness of strip2 mm
Max. width of strip50 mm
Feeding speed0-380 m/min
Punching pressure200 kN
Punching speed30-130 times/min
Total motor power5.5 kW
Power supply380 V / 3 phase / 50 Hz
Machine dimension2790(L) × 1830(W) × 1500(H) mm
Machine weight2800 kg

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