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Taiwan Metiz Alliance is engaged in design and manufacture of automated lines for packing screws, nuts, studs, steel and iron nails, rivets and other fasteners "turnkey".

Today, thanks to the efforts, experience and professional skills, the company has received many patents for its products.

The company's specialists are constantly engaged in innovation and development of new products.

At the same time, the company is investing a lot of money and put a lot of time designing and developing numerical control, computer integration and the creation of user-friendly operator interface to meet modern technical requirements.

Technological process of automatic packing of fasteners into carton


Auto carton forming

Screw auto packaging

Auto carton sealing

Computer printing / labeling

Auto palletizing

Auto stretch wrapping

Technological process of automatic packing of fasteners into boxes


Auto box forming

Screw auto packaging

Auto box sealing

Computer printing / labeling

Auto case packaging

Computer printing / labeling

Auto palletizing

Auto stretch wrapping

Packaging equipment configuration

The packing line includes the following equipment list:

  • auto tipping and filling equipment;
  • auto carton / box forming equipment;
  • auto carton bagging equipment;
  • auto carton/box/ electromagnetic paralleling packaging equipment or auto carton/box/bag fill-in type packaging equipment;
  • auto box folding and sealing equipment;
  • auto box printing / labeling equipment;
  • auto palletizing and stretch wrapping equipment;
  • automated transport system;
  • automated storage.

Packaging lines components

In the packaging equipment only high quality materials and parts are used to ensure its reliable operation.

The packaging lines mainly use imported components from leading world companies or components from well-known Taiwanese companies: servo motors and positioning sensors PANASONIC (Japan), programmable logic controller MITSUBISHI (Japan), safety sensors SICK (Germany), load cells TEDEA (Germany), control sensors SHAN HO (Taiwan), KOYO and NSK (Japan) bearings, control panel HMI PRO-FACE (Japan), electromagnetic contactors SCHNEIDER (Germany), SMC, CKD (Japan) and FESTO (Germany) cylinders, inverters TECO (Taiwan).

Power consumption of the packaging line

Tipping and filling equipmentForming equipmentPackaging equipmentPalletizing equipmentWrapping equipmentTotal power consumption
6.6 kW7.04 kW27.28 kW13.2 kW3.52 kW57.64 kW

Technological process of wrapping containers on wrapping equipment

Packing cases

Top-sheet stretch wrapping

Horizontal strapping

First stage vertical strapping

Second stage vertical strapping

Auto stretch wrapping

Appearance of the line for automatic packaging of fasteners and hardware

Automatic carton electromagnetic orientation packing line for bolts and nuts
Packaging Equipment
tipping and filling equipment
Tipping and filling equipment for hardware and fasteners
Wrapping Equipment
Wrapping Equipment
Waste management
Waste management systems
Railway guide vehicle
Railway guide vehicle
Top-sheet stretch wrapping equipment
Top-sheet stretch wrapping equipment
strapping equipment
The equipment for vertical strapping packaging
stretch film wrapping equipment
Equipment for wrapping the packaging in stretch film

Completed projects of automatic packaging lines for bolts and nuts

Forming a box from a sheet of cardboardĐ°
Formation of a sheet of cardboard boxes automatically. Entering data size of the package by using the touch screen.
Capture the packaging
Capture of the packaging container by means of compressed air carried by the suction cups. After that, the lower base of the box is fixed by means of brackets air gun.
finished package
The finished package is moving on the conveyor belt to the loader of fasteners.
Loading and packing fasteners
Loading and subsequent packaging is performed independently for fixing bolts and nuts, separately from each other.
Feed hopper
Hopper using a vibration motor delivers fasteners on countable-packaging machine. Optionally the customer can purchase additional lifting conveyor for feeding fasteners into the hopper.
supply of fasteners
The supply of fasteners to the counting and filling mechanism is carried out automatically along the conveyor of the loading hopper.
Vibration motor
Vibration motor provides gradual process of feeding fasteners from the hopper by conveyor loader to countable-fill mechanism.
Loading fasteners into boxes
Loading of fasteners into boxes is carried out by a counting and filling mechanism according to the parameters set on the touch screen (by weight, by piece).
folding the lid and sealing
After the fasteners are loaded, the lid is folded and sealed automatically with staples using a pneumatic gun.
Label design
The label design can be prepared, if desired, on an ordinary personal computer.
Label design
Possibility of manual placement of the company logo, name, address, product type, size, steel grade, quantity, weight and other parameters.
Labeling equipment
The labeling equipment automatically applies the label to the side of the packaging. Possibility to adjust the location of the label.
After sealing and labeling, the finished packaging is transported along a conveyor to the palletizing area.
Palletizing is done automatically. The number of container levels on a pallet is pre-programmed using a PC.
automatic pallet feeding
There is an automatic feeding of pallets to the stacker area, while the loading of pallets onto the equipment is done manually or using a loader.
palletizing area
With the help of a chain mechanism, the pallet moves smoothly into the area of the packaging stacker (palletizing area).
Up to 5-6 levels of containers are placed on one pallet.
The palletizer forms levels automatically.
wrapping equipment
After stacking the pallet, the conveyor directs it to the wrapping equipment, where the container is wrapped with plastic wrap using a rotating conveyor.
Unloading area
The finished packaged products are sequentially moved along the roller conveyor to the unloading area.

Video of the packaging equipment for fasteners

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