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multioperation machine for stud bolt

working head

The servo operated line of turning machines perform multiple operations at the same time, and replace traditional automatic lathes in production of straight parts with turned ends. The machines are equipped with 2-4 turning stations on each side, that turn, chamfer, and drill bar ends to virtually any requested length and diameter.

Features of Multi-Stations Equipment for studs

  • The machines can be magazine fed or fully automatic from coil.
  • When working from coil, the machines will put the wire, straighten it, cut to length, turn the edges, face, drill and chamfer.
  • Each turning station cab perform up to 4 operations at the same time like facing, drilling, chamfering, turning, and calibrating the diameter.
  • Each one of the stations can be designed to perform other operations as well, such as heading, flattening, marking, etc.

workpieces to be processed workpieces to be processed workpieces to be processed workpieces to be processed

Specification of multioperation machines for threaded rod RGV-XX series

Parameters / ModelRGV-20RGV-25RGV-30RGV-35RGV-40
Wire diameter range 700 N/mm² (100 kpsi)5-13 mm 3/16”-1/2”6-16 mm 1/4"-5/8”8-20 mm 5/16”-3/4”10-25 mm 3/8”-1”13-32 mm 1/2"-1¼”
Min. standard length (shorter upon request)100 mm120 mm160 mm200 mm250 mm
Maximum lengthPer Request


multi-operating machine multi-operating machine

The RGA-T series of multi-purpose machines combines traditional thread rolling and bending with secondary operations.

The machines can perform the following functions:

  • Bar feed and straightening of bars with a reciprocating straightener.
  • Precise lengthwise cutting with positive stop and short part cut sensor.
  • Secondary operations, including chamfering, cross drilling, workpiece face drilling, alignment, stamping, marking, chiselling and even connecting rods, washers, etc.
  • Thread rolling by using of a planetary system, using "controlled starting technique".
  • As an option, it is possible to bend with the use of a "bending device with a sliding matrix", suitable for the entire range of machines.

The multifunctional equipment of the RGA-T series is used to manufacture a number of fasteners such as B7 studs, welded studs, long blanks for long bolts with a head, bicycle axles with rounded ends, bolts with a pointed end, blanks for threaded rods made of high-strength and stainless steel.

The chips produced during the turning process are collected and droped into a container outside the machine. The machines are equipped with a quick-change system, which ensures the efficient production of small batches, even with less qualified personnel. It can combine any number of operations on a single machine.

The expected production capacity is 30-60 pcs/min, depending on the type of secondary operation.

workpieces to be processed workpieces to be processed

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