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Crucible furnace are used for melting of metals and alloys, and also for storage of all kinds of melts. Normally, crucible furnaces are available in fixed and tipping positions. Fixed crucible furnaces are suitable for melting metal and store it in a molten state, depending on the fill in special forms. Crucible furnaces are often used to pour metal from the furnace because of its inclination around its axis.

In crucible furnaces heating is performed using coils made of fechral wire which is wound on an alumina tube, and for this purpose may be used silicon carbide. Built-in heater core in the crucible furnace provides the opportunity to achieve higher temperature conditions during metals melting.

Management of crucible furnaces can be carried out through a dedicated electronic control unit, which makes regulations and temperature control. In order to reduce the inertia of the thermocouple control channel it is necessary to install ceramic straw with open junction.


Gas crucible furnaces for carburizing and hardening

View hardened product before diving into the hardening oil
Gas crucible furnaces

Crucible gas furnaces are ideal for small-scale production, carburizing and hardening parts of the automotive industry, motorcycles, bicycles, gears, hand tools and other metal parts.

Applicable gas - methanol, toluene

Specifications of gas crucible furnace for carburizing and hardening

Model Outside diameter x furnace height, mm Diameter of the protective crucible x height, mm Diameter x height of the support column, mm power, kW
RG-829-1 1430х1450 500х1200 350х600 35
RG-829-2 1530х1750 600х1500 450х900 65
RG-829-3 1880х2050 750х1800 600х1200 90

Hardening (oil) tank

Hardening (oil) tank
Hardening (oil) tank

SPECIFICATIONS of the Hardening (oil) tank

Model Overall length x width of the tank, mm Tank Diameter, mm The inner diameter x height of the tank, mm Tank capacity, L power, kW
RG-830-1 2400х1950 1440 700х950 3200 10
RG-830-2 2650х2440 1840 970х1200 5200 10
RG-830-3 2650х2440 1840 970х1200 5200 10

Tank for washing and degreasing

Tank for washing and degreasing
Tank for washing and degreasing

Specifications of the tank for cleaning and degreasing

Model Outside diameter x height of the tank, mm The inner diameter x height of the tank, mm power, kW
RG-831-1 800х1000 500х800 15
RG-831-2 1000х1220 600х1100 15
RG-831-3 1000х1530 750х1400 15

Crucible furnace with hot blast

Crucible furnace with hot blast
Crucible furnace with hot blast
Automatic temperature control panel
Automatic temperature control panel
Tanks for storage of methanol / toluene
Tanks for storage of methanol / toluene
Crucible furnace with hot blast
Furnace appearance in operation

Technical characteristics of the furnace:

Model The outer diameter and height of the furnace, mm The inner diameter and height of the furnace, mm power, kW
RG-832-1 1330х1220 540х850 20
RG-832-2 1430х1530 640х1150 30
RG-832-3 1580х1830 790х1450 55


Crucible furnace with a maximum temperature of 900-1200 degrees is used for melting of tin, zinc, and their alloys. Heating in these furnaces is carried out by coils made of fechral wire.Construction of crucible furnace, in which the maximum temperature is equal to 1400 degrees, is used for smelting copper and various copper alloys. In order to heat must use the n-shaped silicon carbide heater, which is sure to set horizontally.

If you produce a high-temperature alloys using crucible furnaces special crucibles and disilicide, ie special heating elements should be applied. There is an opportunity to reload the crucible during melting without opening the lid. In comparison with other models of furnaces design of this furnace is very economical, because it uses a new high-performance lining materials made of high-temperature heaters that have heating elements with increased resource.

Crucible type annealing furnace RG-835

Technical specification of furnaces

Model The outer diameter x height,
The size of the protective pot, m/m Work tank size, m/m Productivity, kg power, кВт
RG-835-1 3474  x 2610 2750 x 2300 2600 x 1800 5000 ~ 6000 324
RG-835-2 3474 x 3410 2750 x 3210 2600 x 2600 7000 ~ 9000 480
RG-835-3 4074 x 3266 3350 x 2910 3150 x 2200 12000 ~ 14000 480
RG-835-4 4924 x 3750 4000 x 2925 3500 x 2700 20000 772
RG-835-5 5424 x 4550 4500 x 3725 4000 x 3500 30000 800

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