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Multi-slide presses are specialized equipment designed for forming products from wire, metal strips, and strips through stamping. They find applications in the mass production of various items, including components for contact groups, terminals, clamps, and other electrical engineering elements; fasteners, buckles, connections, and clips in the automotive industry and other sectors of mechanical engineering; as well as specialized types of spring elements, brackets, hooks, and more used in construction.

The utilization of multi-slide presses is particularly justified in large-scale production scenarios, where there is a need to manufacture significant quantities of similar products. This is attributed to the requirement for distinct toolsets for each product type.

The operational principle of these forming machines is centered around impacting the workpiece with specially shaped tools. These tools move radially within eight or more sliders positioned on the vertical front panel of the molding machine, controlled by a cam mechanism or servos. Additionally, certain models of multi-slide machines are equipped with a punching press, which is installed along the material path towards the central forming mechanism. Utilizing specially designed dies, this press performs operations such as slotting and bending.

Machines for forming tape or wire come equipped with an automatic unwinder and a straightening and cutting device at the machine's entrance. Some molding machine models can be integrated with supplementary devices, such as thread rolling or thread cutting tools, as well as special attachments for exerting lateral forces (3D molding). Multi-slide presses are supplied with one or more toolkits tailored to specific product requirements.

Automatic Clamps Forming Machine RGT-26

Automatic machine for forming wire with a diameter of 0.6 - 2.5 mm and strips up to 30 mm wide and 0.3-1.2 mm thick. This multiforming machine is used for the production of clamps of various sizes and shapes, fasteners, hardware, door trims and hinges, brackets, springs, paper clips, clips, stationery, pins and barrettes, hangers, hooks, carabiners, terminals, contact groups and other electrical installation products.

Clamps Forming Machine RGT-26 strip clamps equipment for the production of clamps RGT-26

Clamps Forming Machine Specifications

Wire DiameterØ0.6 - Ø2.5 mm
Maximum width of strip30 mm
Thickness of strip0.3 - 1.2 mm
Maximun hardness of strip80 HRC
Maximum length of feeding200 mm
Maximum forming speed620 pcs/min
Press capacity10 tons
Slide capacity1.5 tons
Press stroke12 mm
Slide stroke37 mm
Motor Power5 HP (3.7 kW)
Machine Size, L × W × H2000 × 990 × 1900 mm
Equipment weight2100 kg
The kit includes an automatic wire unwinder with a load capacity of 100 kg.
Clamps Forming Machine RGT-26 Clamps Forming Machine RGT-26 product examples

Automatic machine for the production of staples, rings, clamps, cotter pins STR-38

Automatic machine for the production of staples, rings, clamps, cotter pins samples of finished products

Equipment purpose

The automatic profile bending machine STR-38 for the production of staples, rings, clamps, cotter pins, wire bending and strips is designed for forming wire with a diameter of 1.5-5.0 mm and strips up to 50 mm wide and 0.8-2.0 mm thick.

Productivity - up to 150 products per minute. The machine is equipped with a wire unwinder with a load capacity of 200 kg. There are a number of standard and additional options.

Profile Forming Machine Description

  • The automatic machine for forming wire and strip is used for the production of fasteners, staples, rings, clamps, cotter pins DIN 94, DIN 11024, contact groups and other electrical installation products.
  • Control type - control panel with joysticks, CNC system.
  • The main movement drive type is electromechanical.
  • Installation - floor.

Automatic Roll Forming Machine Specifications

Wire Diameter1.5 - 5.0 mm
Maximum width of strip50 mm
Thickness of strip0.8 - 2.0 mm
Maximun hardness of strip80 HRC
Maximum length of feeding320 mm
Maximum forming speed150 pcs/min
Press capacity30 tons
Slide capacity6.5 tons
Press stroke16 mm
Slide stroke42 mm
Power7.7 kW
Machine Size, L × W × H3330 × 1600 × 2400 mm
Equipment weight6500 kg

Video of the operation of automatic equipment for stamping clips from strips

Automatic machine for the manufacture of steel clamps




Wire diameter

steel: Ø1.0-Ø2.0 mm

из железа: Ø1.0-3.8 mm

steel: Ø2.0-Ø4.0 mm

из железа: Ø3.0-6.0 mm

steel: Ø4.0-Ø9.0 mm

из железа: Ø5.0-12.0 mm

Wire length125 mm245 mmmax. 450 mm

60 Hz: 67,103,162,260

50 Hz: 53,81,128,205

11-65 pcs / min (device for switching DISCO speed)

2-48 pcs / min (device for switching DISCO speed)
Basic engine1 hp3 hp5 hp 3 kW
Dimensions of equipment128х63х158 cm162х114х190 cm227 х 145 х 220 cm
Dimensions of equipment in packaging172х75х182 cm175х127х220 cm227 х 145 х 223 cm
Equipment weight800 kg1920 kg2700 kg
Weight of Equipment in packaging920 kg2300 kg3200 kg


  • It includes unwinding device for spring wire.
  • Spring wire of low carbon steel must be subjected to the process of softening to simplify the process of bending and forming pin products.
  • Servomotor controls spring wire feeding. It is able to reduce the angle of the wire, and accurately control the length of feeding. The angle of wire feeding can be increased to facilitate the change and adjust the tool.


Cotter pin making machine is one kind of wire forming machine,material of cotter pin is steel semi circle wires which produce on semi circle wire machine,you can change cotter pin making machine die to make different size of cotter pins.

automatic cotter pin making machinecotter pins


Wire diameterØ0.4-Ø2.3 mmsteel: Ø1-Ø2 mm
iron: Ø1-3.8 mm
steel: Ø2-Ø4 mm
iron: Ø3-6 mm
Performance-60-200 pcs/min.10-90 pcs/min.
Wire feed speed0-90 m/min.--
Wire length-125 mm245 mm
Max. outer diameter of the spring40 mm--
ServomotorWire feed2 kW2 kW3 kW
Chamber3 kW1 kW3 kW
Rotary spindle0.75 kW--
Tension220V, 3 phase--
Dimensions of equipment180 х 72 х 180 cm184 х 70 х 155 cm162 х 114 х 190 cm
Dimensions of equipment in packaging188 х 148 х 192 cm200 х 85 х 980 cm175 х 127 х 220 cm
Equipment weight800 kg800 kg1920 kg
Weight of Equipment in packaging1270 kg980 kg2300 kg


Heavy Duty Torsion Spring Forming MachineHeavy Duty Torsion Springspring


Wire diameterØ1.2-Ø1.6 mmØ1.2-Ø2.0 mm
The outer diameter of the spring (max.)10 mm20-30 mm
Number of turns of wire4-121-2
Foot length22-30 mm-
Winding directionclockwiseclockwise
Performance20 pcs / min.-
Engine power1 hp1 hp
Dimensions of equipment115 х 86 х 113 cm115 х 86 х 113 cm
Dimensions of equipment in packaging122 х 96 х 153 cm122 х 96 х 153 cm
Equipment weight440 kg440 kg
Weight of Equipment in packaging550 kg550 kg

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