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Precision metal stamping press with a capacity of 60-500 tons RPH series

metal stamping press RPH-350 series
High-speed precision portal type punching press with six guide columns with a capacity of 350 tons RPH-350

Stamping Machine Features

  • Frame Structure: High-alloy steel casting, designed through computer analysis to create the most suitable frame.
  • After eliminating internal stresses, this process enhances precision and ensures the rack's indispensable high rigidity, thereby achieving low vibration technology to improve mold longevity.
  • We prioritize high-precision stability and reliability.

Standard Configuration

  • Electric die height adiusting equipment.
  • Stamp height indication accuracy 0.01 mm.
  • Slow positioning device (jog mode).
  • 30 sets memory for die setting data.
  • Three automatic stacking control groups.
  • 2 sets of mis-feed detecting receptcle.
  • Two way rotation main motor control.
  • Hydraulic clamping unit for die height adjusting.
  • Lubricant cooling device.
  • Integrated brake-clutch (Italy).
  • Independent electric control box.
  • Tool box.
  • Work light.
  • Inverter control for main motor.

Optional Configuration

  • Precision bottom dead center detector.
  • Hydraulic die clamping device.
  • Hydraulic die lifting device.
  • Hi-speed gear change feeder.
  • Double head un-coiler.
  • Leveling and unloading machine.
  • Anti-vibration mounts.
  • F-3SC stamping controller.
  • Two side sound proof safety door.

Technical parameters

Strokes per minutes.p.m200-800200-700150-700150-600150-400150-35080-250
Bolster Areamm950 × 6501100 × 7501200 × 8501400 × 8501800 × 9501900 × 10002400 × 10002800 × 12003300 × 1300
Bolster Holemm700 × 125800 × 1501000 × 2001300 × 2501400 × 3002200 × 3002200 × 4003300 × 500
Slide Dimensionmm950 × 4201100 × 5001200 × 6001400 × 6001800 × 7001900 × 7502400 × 9002800 × 11003300 × 1200
Die Height Adjustmentmm300-350330-380360-410370-420400-450420-480500-550
Adjustment MotorkW0.40.751.
Linear Heightmm160175±50195±50200±50210±50220±50240±50
Main MotorkW10223745557590

Samples of stamped products

stator and rotor
Stator and rotor made on the RPH-350 stamping press
stator and rotor
Stator and rotor made on the RPH-350 stamping press

Stamping of stators and rotors of electric motors on the RPH-350 press

R2 Series 400-1600 Ton Double Point Straight Column Punching Press

metal stamping press R2-1600 series
1600 ton capacity direct type two-point stamping press R2-1600

Punch Press Features

  • The clutch brake utilizes a low-inertia pneumatic clutch brake system, controlled by a dual safety valve.
  • The mold height can be adjusted using a digital display.
  • Electrical control is achieved through a PLC dual-loop system.
  • High-quality brand-name products are employed for hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical control components.
  • Lubrication is achieved through a thin oil circulating system and concentrated oil clearance lubrication, featuring high and low-level detection, high-pressure monitoring, timing, fixed-point, and precise quantitative lubrication. The system includes oil pressure and oil level monitoring, fault detection, and various action sequences.
  • The slide block is equipped with a hydraulic pressure overload protection device.
  • Key components have undergone finite element analysis for enhanced performance and durability.
  • Optional features include an air cushion, specialized vibration isolator, quick die-changing device, photoelectric protection system, and rigid materials, among others.

Standard Configuration

  • Hydraulic Overload Protection Device.
  • Automatic Lubricating Device.
  • Electric Slide Adjusting Device.
  • Electric Die Height Indicator.
  • Slide and Die Balancing Device.
  • Electronic Cam Control Display.
  • Lifting Brake Performance Monitoring Device.
  • Static SPM Display Function.
  • Air Source Plug Base.
  • Air Blowing Device.
  • Over Run Protection Device.
  • The Frequency Control Motor.
  • Misfeed Detecting Device.
  • Motor fed-rev Device.
  • Stroke Counter.
  • Preset Counter.
  • Power Socket.
  • Independent Control Box.
  • Movable T-beam.
  • Base Plate and Bolts.
  • Maintenance Tool Box.
  • Operation Manual.

Optional Configuration

  • Pneumatic Die Cushion.
  • Photoelectric Safety Device.
  • Slide Knock-out Device.
  • Die Lamp.
  • B.D.C. Detector.
  • Foot Pedal Switch.
  • Flywheel brake device.
  • Safety Block Bolt.
  • Moving Bolster.
  • Quick Die Change System.
  • Automatic Feeding System.
  • Anti-vibration Pads.

Technical parameters

Nominal PressurekN4000500063008000100001250016000
Nominal Pressure Strokemm13
Slide Strokemm400500600
Strokes per minutes.p.m12-1810-16
Max. Die Heightmm80010001100
Die Height Adjustmentmm350500600
Distance between slide railsmm2870316036704060407040804580
Bolster AreaLmm16001800
Slide DimensionLmm16001800
Air CushionPressing force / Return forcekN600800100012501500
Knocking out of Slide (optional)Strokemm150
Main Motor PowerkW7590132160220
Overall DimensionLmm4350490040806870729075008450

Образцы штампованной продукции

Samples of stamped products
stamped products
Samples of stamped products made on the R2-1600 stamping press
stamped products
Samples of stamped products made on the R2-1600 stamping press

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