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Paper Collated Nails for Nailer

ring shank paper strip nails
ring shank paper strip nails
screw shank paper strip nails
screw shank paper strip nails
smooth shank coil nails
smooth shank paper strip nails

Paper Strip Nails are used in rack type pneumatic nailing hammers and are pinned together in a single line (rail).

One worker with a pneumatic hammer and a set of rack nails can replace several people that use conventional hammers and ordinary nails. In addition, this method is the safest for the worker, since everything is automated; the risk of damage or injury is reduced to a minimum.

Paper Strip Nails will significantly reduce the cost of production and improve employee productivity. In addition, the paper tape leaves almost no waste during the installation process.

Paper Strip Nails are used for automated wooden structures fastening where high strength of parts connection is required.

Paper Strip Nails are designed for wood paneling, installation of window and door blocks, flooring fixing, packaging making, packaging, wooden structures under dynamic and vibration loads, fences, and finally for general construction works, including cladding and finishing.

Paper Strip Nails are divided into three groups: screw shank paper strip nails, ring shank paper strip nails, and smooth shank paper strip nails.

Manufacturing of Paper strip nails

Special collator machine that collects nails into paper clips is used in production of Paper Strip Nails for rack type pneumatic nailing hammers. Ring shank nails, screw shank nails or special/smooth shank nails are used as blanks for the collator machine. The collator machine has a built-in varnishing and painting system.

For a full cycle of production of Paper strip nails, the following set of equipment is needed:

  • Nail Making Machine
  • Thread Roller (in case manufacturing ring shank nails or screw nails)
  • Nail Polishing Machine
  • Anti-corrosion coating equipment (if necessary)
  • Paper Strip Nail Collator Machine

RLZ Series Nail Collators for Paper Strip Nails

RLZ-200 Series Paper Strip Nail Machine for Making Paper Strip

paper collator

This automatic horizontal nail collator for the production of slatted nails in a paper cage with a two-lane conveyor produces a package of 2000 nails per minute with absolutely accurate positioning of the angle of inclination, head and distance between nails.

The nail collator is equipped with a round feed rail, adjustable two-way conveyor, induction nail pre-heater, tape roll cartridge, rapid cooling device, rotary cutter, anti-corrosion coating device and automatic adjustable finished product accumulator.

Nail Collator Steel Nail Paper Collating Machine RLZ-100 Series

paper strip nail collator

This paper collator with induction heater is used for packing nails into paper clips and is suitable for nails with different types of heads - D-head, round-head, offset-angled nails, as well as for nails of any length and type of knurling (smooth, ruffed, screw nails).

The nail collator is equipped with an automatic cutter, a dryer, an induction nail pre-heater, an anti-corrosion coating function, an automatic adjustable finished product accumulator, and a discharge conveyor.

Specification of RLZ-100/200 Series Paper Strip Collating Machines

Collating Speedup to 1500 Nails per Minup to 2000 Nails per Min
Nail Size
Nail Length45 ~ 100 mm32 ~ 100 mm
Nail Diameter2.51 ~ 4.11 mm2.51 ~ 4.11 mm
Strip SpecAngle25° - 35°any angle
Nails per Strip20 - 40 Nails20 - 40 Nails
Air Consumption-500 L/Min
Electrical Power Supply30 KVA, 3Phase 220V, 50/60Hz45 KVA, 3Phase 220V, 50/60Hz
Space required (L × W × H)4840 × 1328 × 1806 mm8300 × 2900 × 2200 mm
Weight of equipment2400 kg3500 kg

Paper Strip Nail Collator series RLZ-1000

High Speed Paper Strip Nail Collator is specifically designed for automatic assembly of finished nails onto a paper strip, which is used for nail pneumatic hammers. This automatic nailing machine assembles finished nails onto paper strips (cassettes). The angle of a nail in a strip can be adjusted from 0° to 34°; the distance between nails in a strip is also adjustable.

Paper Strip Nail Collator Paper Strip Nails

Paper Strip Nail CollatorPaper Strip Nail CollatorPaper Strip Nail CollatorPaper Strip Nail CollatorPaper Strip Nail CollatorPaper Strip Nail CollatorPaper Strip Nail CollatorPaper Strip Nail Collator

Specifications of Paper Strip Nail Collator

Nail Length45 - 100 mm
Wire Rod Diameter2.87 - 3.26 mm
The Angle of the Nails in the Paper Clip (Cassette)0° - 34°
Performance1000 pcs/min
Total power10 kW
Electrical Power Supply380V 3-Phase 50 - 60Hz
Air Pressure6 kg/sm2
Overall Dimensions6600 × 1600 × 1700 mm
Weight of equipment2000 kg

Paper Strip Nail Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Wire Rod

Wire Rod

wire drawing


Nails making Machine

Nails making

Nail Polishing Machine

Nail Polishing

paper strip nail collator

assembling nails in the paper clip

smooth shank paper strip nails

finished products before control
and packaging operations

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