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Application of oil residue separator RTS-AV

The machine has been widely used in solid-liquid separation from concentrated filtering of forming oil for cold heading, drawing oil (liquid), lapping oil (liquid), cutting oil (liquid) and thread rolling oil, etc.

Intelligent high-speed oil residue separator
Oil residue separator RTS-AV

Application of oil residue separator RTS-AIV

The machine has been widely used in solid-liquid separation from online circulation of forming oil (liquid), buffing oil (liquid), phosphating solution and electroplating effluent etc.

Intelligent high-speed oil residue separator
Oil residue separator RTS-AIV

Working principle of oil residue separator

After being absorbed into the centrifugal reel for separation in separation area, the substances to be separated will be separated by virtue of different centrifugal forces obtained from the centrifugal field as different mediums in the substance have different specific gravities. The separated clean liquid will be discharged naturally from the oil discharge outlet. The sediment will be discharged automatically after the sediment thickness reaches the desired setting.

Technical Parameters of oil residue separator RTS-A series

Filter typeCentrifugal Separation
Sediment Discharging ModeAutomatic Sediment Discharging
Reel capacity2,3 L1,5 L
Maximum Processing Capacity100 L/min40 L/min
Rotation Speed5200 rpm7200 rpm
Centrifugal Force G3500G5500G
Power Supply Voltage380V 4P 50Hz / 220V 3P 60Hz
Total Power1,2 kW
Main Motor1,1 kW 3P 380V / 1.1 kW 3P 220V
Auxiliary Motor0,06 kW 4P 380V / 0,06 kW 4P 220V
Inlet Pipe Diameter32A25А
Outlet Pipe Diameter80A60А
Air Pressure Scope0.4 - 0.6 Mpa
Starting ModeStarting with Frequency Converter
Control PanelTouch Screen
Control ModeAutomatic / Manual
Overall Dimensions1000 × 550 × 1600850 × 510 × 1480
Equipment Weight245 kg200 kg


Application of oil removal equipment RT1200-2/3 series

The equipment has been widely used for cold heading forming work blanks. The cold heading work-pieces are conveyed into the oil removal machine by conveyor in the oil removing machine, the grease and impurities attached on the surface of work pieces are removed by virtue of high-speed centrifugal force. The PLC system is combined with this system and adjusted flexibly in accordance with the production on site, realizing unattended intelligent management and standardized energy saving and environmental protection.

oil removal machine
Oil removal machine RT1200-2

oil removal machine
Oil removal machine RT1200-3

Size Marking

оборудование для удаления масла

Technical Parameters of Equipment

Oil Removal MachineRT1200-2RT1200-3
Rated Speed1450 rpm/ m1100 rpm/ m
Maximum Capacity10 kg / time20 kg / time
Power Supply Voltage380V 4P 50Hz
Rated Power1.2 kW/h2 kW/h
Centrifuge Motor0.75 kW/h1.5 kW/h
Air Pressure Scope0.4-0.6 Mpa
Start/Stop ModeStart/Stop with Frequency Converter
L1 Dimensions550 / 1050 / 1500 / 2000 mm
L2 Dimensions750 mm860 mm
L3 Dimensions640 mm880 mm
L4 Dimensions340 mm340 mm
W1 Dimensions200 / 260 / 350 mm200 / 240 / 280 / 320 mm
W2 Dimensions96 / 140 mm200/ 240 mm
W3 Dimensions500 mm700 mm
Control ModeAutomatic Control
Operation PanelTouch Screen
Conveying MethodMagnetic / Chain Joint / Mesh BeltLink Joint / Mesh Belt
Conveying Motor0.2 kW/h
Applicable NutsM4 mm - M22 mmM4 mm - M32 mm
Applicable ScrewsL≤80 mm φ≤12 mmL≤120 mm φ≤20 mm
W4 Dimensions450 mm
H1 Dimensions610 mm700 mm
H2 Dimensions1512 mm1843 mm
H3 Dimensions1840 mm2100 mm
H4 Dimensions300 mm - 500 mm (adjustable)
H5 Dimensions600 / 800 mm
H6 Dimensions1720 mm


concentrated oil removal system

Size Marking

concentrated oil removal system

Application of concentrated oil removal system

This system applies to concentrated oil removal in later stage for tapping, thread rolling, anti-rust oil immersing and thermal protection lines, with the advantages of being simple in operation, stable in structure, big in Processing Capacity, standard in site management and saving labor force, etc.

Technical Parameters of Concentrated Oil Removal System

Rated Speed1100 rpm/ mControl ModeAutomatic Control
Maximum Capacity35 kg / timeOperation PanelTouch Screen
Power Supply Voltage380V 4P 50HzConveying MethodMagnetic / Chain Joint / Mesh Belt
Centrifuge Motor2.2 kW/hConveying Motor0.4 kW/h
Air Pressure Scope0.4-0.6 MpaApplicable NutsM4 mm - M22 mm
Start/Stop ModeStart/Stop with Frequency ConverterApplicable ScrewsL≤150 mm φ≤50 mm
Lift Height800 mmStorage Capacity500 kg
L1 Dimensions550 mmH1 Dimensions700 mm
L2 Dimensions900 mmH2 Dimensions2040 mm
L3 Dimensions1020 mmH3 Dimensions2320 mm
L4 Dimensions400 mmH4 Dimensions780 mm
L5 Dimensions700 mmH5 Dimensions80 mm
L6 Dimensions940 mmH6 Dimensions2000 mm


on-line conveyor

Size Marking

on-line conveyor

Introduction of Equipment

Magnetic conveyors have been widely used for small-size products in cold heading/thread rolling/tapping industries. They are fully capable of eliminating the risks of material dropping, blocking and return mixing of traditional conveyor. The link joint or mesh belt conveyors apply to big-size products, and have the advantages of smashing resistance and stability.

Technical Parameters

Power Supply Voltage380V 4P 50Hz
Motor Power200W / 400W
L1 (Tail length)750 / 1300 / 1600 / 2000 mm
H1 (Discharge point)750 mm
H2 (Overall height)1365 mm
H3 (Receiving port)250 / 300 mm - 470 mm
H4 (Overall height of receiving point)470 / 620 mm
W1 (Width of Receiving point)200 / 300 / 350 mm
L3 × W2 × H5 (Storage hopper)520 × 370 × 350 mm
Opening method for storage hopperManual / automatic with cylinder / rotating structure
Type of conveyorMagnetic / link joint or mesh belt
W3 Size96 / 140 / 120 / 240 mm
Color requirementsBlackish green / white

The machine of different sizes may be customized according to particular requirements.

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