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Equipment for metal hardware, fasteners and component parts сold production

Equipment for metal hardware, fasteners and component parts сold production

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Engineering fasteners. The main types of engineering fasteners are: bolts, screws, nuts, rivets, self-tappers, washers, etc. Precision manufacturing of fasteners (high, normal, rough), the strength and the presence of protective coatings depends on their purpose and conditions of use. The heat treatment is carried out necessarily, starting with class 8.8 (class 8.8 means that the tensile strength of the material, of which the product is manufactured, is equal to 88 kg / mm2).


Railway fasteners - fixture for the upper fixing of the railway track meets the technical requirements of GOST 16016-79, GOST 16017-79, GOST 16018-79, GOST 809-71. Are manufactured by hot heading, followed by rolling or threading. Selection of the grade of steel for the manufacture is determined by the required strength class products. The quality of rail fasteners is validated by register of certification at the Federal Railway Transport.

Building fasteners. Building hardware concept implies a variety of details that are used to connect various building elements. So, building fasteners include bolts, nails, screws, nuts, self-tappers, wood screws, dowels, anchors, and much more. For convenience builders divide them into 4 types: self-tapping screws, metric products, expansion plug and anchor technology.

High-strength fasteners. One type of the machine-building fastening – is high strength fasteners. As for high-strength fasteners, according to international classification these fasteners have strength of 800 MPa. The strength of high-strength fasteners depends on the technology of manufacturing and grades of steel and is divided into classes - 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. High strength fasteners are used if it is necessary to achieve a high joint strength, including connect components of agricultural machinery, fasteners, fixings parts and connections of cranes, in bridge construction, when fixing fences roads.

A feature of stainless steel fasteners is that the material for these products can be of various standardized nomenclature for wide purposes, stainless steel is mainly marks A2 and A4. Steel of these brands has a number of valuable features designed to create stainless steel fasteners with high consumer properties, providing steady interest to them by potential buyers.
Stainless steel fasteners have qualities such as high resistance to corrosion, durability, hygiene, reliability, long life, aesthetically pleasing appearance and more.

Sanitary fasteners are considered as a specific group. It allows quick installation of the sanitary equipment (sinks, toilets, urinals) at the desired location. In addition, chrome or white decorative caps attached to the sanitary fasteners aesthetic appearance. Since this type of fasteners used in high humidity, it is made of steel plated with nickel-coated galvanized steel and the spacers and sleeves – of polyamide (nylon) or polypropylene. Used to set items in the walls of concrete, brick and plasterboard walls.

Galvanized fasteners. One of the key elements that enhance the life of galvanized fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers, screws, pins, etc.) is a protective coating, the use of which can increase resistance to aggressive environments. Among metallic coatings in everyday practice the most widely used is zinc. The main reasons for the application of zinc coating for protect of the steel products are relatively low cost of zinc, and the fact that zinc when exposed to aggressive environments is slowly dissolved by electrochemical reactions, protecting thus the basic product.

Automotive fasteners. Generic name of the devices for the connection of machine elements, building structures, different structures. Usually these are: bolts, screws, nuts, nails, self-tappers, rivets, dowels, anchors and similar articles, and auxiliary parts such as washers and cotter pins. In the automotive fastening two main groups are distinguished. The first is the metric product, that is, fasteners, having a certain pitch of the thread. The second group includes various types and configurations of devices such as screws, self-tappers, dowels, anchors and the like.

Furniture fasteners - are the connections of all components of the furniture constructions. The following types of furniture fasteners exist: plug-in connection - furniture fasteners, which at dismantling the structure don’t damage the components of the structure. This provides versatility and flexibility of the product; permanent connection - furniture fasteners, not providing further dismantling of the structure. This connection ensures durability and secure hold.

Cargo fasteners - are fasteners used primarily during the loading and unloading operations, dismantling of industrial equipment, lifting heavy, bulky goods. It is used in various lifting devices, from manual to hoist cranes to lift, transport or securing cargo, parts and structural elements. Cargo rigging fasteners : eye-nuts, eye bolts, ropes, hooks, chains, clamps, slings.

Electric fasteners - fasteners required for wiring, laying of electric networks of wires and cables, mounting cable – channels, distribution boards, machines, sockets for open wiring. Fasteners for mounting lighting and wiring equipment, grounding devices, low-voltage communication systems, security and fire alarms, video surveillance systems - insulating tape, cable ties, cable ties fixing, electric wire mounting bracket.

Anchor fasteners. Currently, during the construction works often a need arises for such type of fastener as the anchor and anchor fasteners. Anchor fasteners is an intermediate element between the body panel mounting and the base material. There are different types of anchoring elements, type of attachment is chosen based on the operational characteristics of the fastening structure and the base material, as well as the physicochemical characteristics of the environment in which the structure will be. Anchor fasteners include: anchor bolt, anchor bolt and nut, anchor bolt ring, anchor bolt with a hook, wedge anchor, drop anchor, brass anchor, wedge anchor for gas concrete, ceiling anchor, dowel.

Perforated fasteners - a metal plate of rectangular or triangular configuration - for wood, wooden structures and for different modular and frame buildings, which provides a very high strength joints. Perforation - making a certain number of holes of regular shape in the sheet of material by the punching the material, often in the process of stamping or by means of drilling. It is used in all types of installation and construction work on job and at home.

Fasteners for special purpose. The special type of fasteners include plugs, connectors, plastic clips for cables and pipes, various clamps, which are used for mounting cladding of wood, plastics and metal, the total plating, small pieces of equipment, wire ties, for securing insulation on flat roofs for fastening pipes and cables to the supporting surface. Special fasteners may also include rivet nut with metric thread that is used to connect metal to metal (corners, profiles) instead of welding.


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