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Furnace line for heat treatment of conveyer type

Data and specifications of loading devices

Loading device is a packaging lifter. Delivers small, medium, and large work pieces to pre-degreasing & washing tanks and lets them receive a uniform and even heat treatment.

3 models are available on the customer's choice:

  • Stair-type
  • Magnetic-type
  • Vibrating-type

Magnetic-type feeder RG-800A

Magnetic-type feeder

The products are loaded with turning bin equipment onto the magnetic belt type feeder & loaded to the inlet of hardening furnace automatically.

The output can be setting by magnetic belt speed for loading management by RG-810C computer system.

Feeder control panel

Magnetic-type Feeder Equipment Configuration

1The construction has a 10mm & 6mm steel plate welded to steel profile.
2Motor of turning bin equipment:2.25 kW × 1 set
3Hopper:1 set
4Welded construction of frame & steel plate:1 unit
5Vibrator:0.5 kW × 1 set
6Industrial magnet with stainless mesh belt:1 unit
7Inverter motor: 0.75kW (1HP)1 set
8Control panel (TE France) for control magnetic belt speed
Dimensions:W700mm × H1,250mm × D550mm
Inverter1 set
Contactor: 2 HP (1.5kW) TE France1 set
Contactor: 1/3 HP TE France1 set
Output:AC 220~440V × 3 phase × 50Hz
Capacity:1 HP (0.75kW)
Relay (Japan Omron)1 unit
1 set

Magnetic feeder drawing

Magnetic feeder drawing
Magnetic feeder drawing
Turning bin
Magnetic feeder drawing
Control panel

Stair-type Feeder RG-800B

Stair-type feeder


  • Loading device is designed in accordance with provided drawings with packaging dimensions indicating the gross weight of the container.
  • Equipped with distribution devices with management software system and control panel. Inverter management (AELTA company, Taiwan).
  • Maximum capacity of the tank is not less than 1m3.

Vibrating-type Feeder RG-800C

Vibrating-type feeder
Loading of items (bolts) of up to 240 mm length can be performed automatically by loading device with the condition that at one time a large number of such products will not load. It is required to manually distribution of bolts with length of 150 mm or more on the conveyor at the entrance of the hardening furnace in order to avoid deformation of the product during hardening. The length of the products does not affect the operation of automative feeder at the beginning of the line.

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