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Furnace line for heat treatment of conveyer type

Control & Measurement Instrumentation Equipment Composition & Features

There are two main control panels for the whole-line of furnace. The one is the temperatures control panel. The other one is the motors & pumps control panel.

The Temperatures Control Panel
  • Type: Opened door type with waterproof design
  • Size: W4,000 mm × D700 mm × H1,800 mm
Front washing temperature control  
Hardening furnace temperature control  
Quenching tank temperature control  
Rear washing temperature control  
Tempering furnace temperature control  
Temperature recorder
  • Model : CHINO-AH4712-NOA (made in Japan) × 1 set
  • Type: paper (chart) type
Abnormal temperature indicator with alarm system 1 unit
Furnace running layout indicator 1 unit
Cooling fans 1 unit
Voltage meters & ampere meters 1 unit
The gas burners control system as the following attached details  

The Motors & Pumps Control Panel
  • Type : Opened door type with water proof design
  • Size : W.: 2,000mm × D.: 700mm × H.: 1,800 mm
Inverter of de-phosphating equipment 2 sets
Inverter of hardening furnace 1 set
Inverter of quenching tank 1 set
Inverter of tempering furnace 1 set
PLC: Mitsubishi Q serious (made in Japan) 1set
Magnetic contactor (TE France) 1 unit
Transformer 1 set
Push button 1 unit
Relay (Japan Omron) 1 unit
Conveyor deviation alarm indicator 1 unit
Abnormal indicator with alarm system 1 unit
Cooling fans 1 unit
Breaker 1 unit
Digital timing display 1 unit
Voltage meters & ampere meters 1 unit

The Control and Measurement Instrumentation RG-810C consists of the following components:

  • Distribution Cabinet
  • Distribution Cabinet Cooling Fan
  • Temperature regulator.
  • Automatic Temperature Control System (manufactured by RKC Japan).
  • The Control Panel with a graphic display with visualization of equipment and function keys (in English)

Temperature Control Panel type RG-810GE (gas)

Temperature Control Panel type (gas)

Temperature Control Panel type (gas)

Temperature Control Panel type RG-810E (electricity)

Temperature Control Panel (electricity)

Temperature Control Panel (electricity)

Automatic Temperature Control Panel type RG-810A (electro) Specification

1 Automatic temperature control controller 0-1200°C (type RKC, Japan) 3 sets
2 SSR 3 phase 220-440V x 160 KW control 3 zones
3 Automatic Alert System 1 unit
4 Furnace failure alarm 1 unit
5 Voltmeter / Amperemeter 1 unit
6 Voltmeter / Amperemeter Mode Switch 220 - 440V, 10A 1 unit
7 Recording temperature device (6 points). Made in Japan 1 set
8 Signal lamp / auxiliary relay 1 set
9 Magnetic contactor 1 set
10 Transformer (for cyclic control) 1 set
11 Keys with the Backlit 1 set
12 Alarm relay 1 set
13 Conveyor deviation alarm system 1 set

Visualization of equipment (for reference only)

Visualization of equipment

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