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Furnace line for heat treatment of conveyer type

Control & Measurement Instrumentation Equipment Composition & Features

There are two main control panels for the whole-line of furnace. The one is the temperatures control panel. The other one is the motors & pumps control panel.

The Temperatures Control Panel
  • Type: Opened door type with waterproof design
  • Size: W4,000 mm × D700 mm × H1,800 mm
Front washing temperature control 
Hardening furnace temperature control 
Quenching tank temperature control 
Rear washing temperature control 
Tempering furnace temperature control 
Temperature recorder
  • Model : CHINO-AH4712-NOA (made in Japan) × 1 set
  • Type: paper (chart) type
Abnormal temperature indicator with alarm system1 unit
Furnace running layout indicator1 unit
Cooling fans1 unit
Voltage meters & ampere meters1 unit
The gas burners control system as the following attached details 

The Motors & Pumps Control Panel
  • Type : Opened door type with water proof design
  • Size : W.: 2,000mm × D.: 700mm × H.: 1,800 mm
Inverter of de-phosphating equipment2 sets
Inverter of hardening furnace1 set
Inverter of quenching tank1 set
Inverter of tempering furnace1 set
PLC: Mitsubishi Q serious (made in Japan)1set
Magnetic contactor (TE France)1 unit
Transformer1 set
Push button1 unit
Relay (Japan Omron)1 unit
Conveyor deviation alarm indicator1 unit
Abnormal indicator with alarm system1 unit
Cooling fans1 unit
Breaker1 unit
Digital timing display1 unit
Voltage meters & ampere meters1 unit

The Control and Measurement Instrumentation RG-810C consists of the following components:

  • Distribution Cabinet
  • Distribution Cabinet Cooling Fan
  • Temperature regulator.
  • Automatic Temperature Control System (manufactured by RKC Japan).
  • The Control Panel with a graphic display with visualization of equipment and function keys (in English)

Temperature Control Panel type RG-810GE (gas)

Temperature Control Panel type (gas)

Temperature Control Panel type (gas)

Temperature Control Panel type RG-810E (electricity)

Temperature Control Panel (electricity)

Temperature Control Panel (electricity)

Automatic Temperature Control Panel type RG-810A (electro) Specification

1Automatic temperature control controller 0-1200°C (type RKC, Japan)3 sets
2SSR 3 phase 220-440V x 160 KWcontrol 3 zones
3Automatic Alert System1 unit
4Furnace failure alarm1 unit
5Voltmeter / Amperemeter1 unit
6Voltmeter / Amperemeter Mode Switch 220 - 440V, 10A1 unit
7Recording temperature device (6 points). Made in Japan1 set
8Signal lamp / auxiliary relay1 set
9Magnetic contactor1 set
10Transformer (for cyclic control)1 set
11Keys with the Backlit1 set
12Alarm relay1 set
13Conveyor deviation alarm system1 set

Visualization of equipment (for reference only)

Visualization of equipment

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