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Furnace line for heat treatment of conveyer type

Application & Features of Carbon Potential Control System

The equipment to control the carbon potential (C/P) of atmosphere for hardening furnace automatically.

The principle of operation is based on system of automatic recognition of O2 BARBER COLMAN carbon, error control ±0.03% (carbon). Manufacturing of the United States.

Carbon Potential Control System Equipment Composition

Automatic Carbon Potential Control System composed of:

  • Oxygen probe
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Recording system (temperature, carbon, gas flow)
  • Burning air standard piping for air combustion.

The equipment is available in the following versions: One-Point type RG-802A, Double-Point type RG-802B and Three-Point type RG-802C (RG802A + B)


Double-Spot type Automatic Carbon Potential Control System RG-802B O2

Double-Spot type Automatic Carbon Potential Control System manufactured in USA. One spot for RX Generator RG-801, second spot for Quenching Furnace RG-805.

Width700 mm
Height1800 mm
Diameter700 mm
Power supply220-240В х 3 phase х 50-60 Hz

  1. Carbon Potential Controller AC20 (made in USA): 2 pcs
  2. K-type oxygen sensor (made in USA): 2 pcs
  3. Air supply system: 1 unit
  4. Digital temperature display: 2 units
  5. Recorder: 1 set

Three-Spot type Automatic Carbon Potential Control System RG-802C O2

Three-Spot type Automatic Carbon Potential Control System with electromagnetic valve (two spots for control of Quenching Furnace RG-805 and one spot for control of RX Generator RG-801) model RG802A+B manufactured in USA.


1C/P controller: Model: AC20 (SSI, made in USA)2 sets
  • Model: OHKURA RMIOC (Japan) × 1set
  • Type: paper (chart) type
  • Points: 6 points
3Oxygen probe:
  • Model: Gold probe (SSI, made in USA) × 2 sets
  • Type: K type
  • Application: measure the oxygen of atmosphere
4Air pump:
  • Model: HK-80L
  • Power: AC100V × 1P × 50 Hz
  • Function: supply the reference air & burn-out air for oxygen probe
  • Pressure: 0.15kg/cm2
  • Max output: 80 liters/min
5Voltage stabilizer: 110 V х 500 W1 комплект
6MV meters2 sets
7Temperature display2 sets
8Flow meters:
  • Reference air flow meter (SSI, made in USA) 2 sets
  • Burn-out air flow meter: (SSI, made in USA) 2 sets
Oxygen probe

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