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Furnace line for heat treatment of conveyer type

Application & Features Quenching Cooling Tank RG-806

The products are proceeded the quenching process after heated by hardening furnace. The equipment uses a plate-type heat exchanger to control the temperature of oil rapidly. The tank is equipped with an injection cooling system; speed of injection can be adjusted freely according to the size of a work piece. A filter is installed in the tank, so the dirt is not stored in the heat exchanger; therefore, it prevents it from losing its cooling functions.

quenching cooling oil / water tank

Technical Specification of Quenching Cooling Oil / Water Tank

ModelConveyor width, mmPower (replacement), kWTank capacity, lCooling pump, hpPump for injection and circulation in tank, hpExternal dimensions of the tank, mm
RG-806-41200201160057 ½210020004200

Outlook of installed Quenching Cooling Tank

quenching cooling oil / water tank

quenching cooling oil / water tank

Technical characteristics of the Oil quenching bath

Oil bath temperature60…80°С
Casing depth in hardening environment     2300 mm
Unloading belt width 1200 mm
Maximum capacity expended on heating, engines, pumps, blowers20,25 kW
The power consumed by motors 1,5 kW
The amount of circulating cooling water  78 m3/ h
Oil bath volumeabout 13,000 liters (13 m3)
The residence time of products in bath   4…20 min
Flat-type rollover mechanism – is a specific mechanism of patented design used for the collection of oil products and return them to the hardening bath.
Note: Electric heating system: for heating the heat received from the input of the hardening furnace casing is used, allowing heating oil up to 60 ... 80°C. In such cases additional heating is not required, so the sub-heaters are not necessary.

Schematic of the Oil quenching tank

quenching tank drawing

Oil Quenching Tank RG-805-6 Components (for reference only)

1DimensionsW. 2,100 mm × H. 3,000mm × L. 4,200 mm
2Width of mesh type conveyer belt1,200 mm
3Quenching oil tank capacity (see *Note 1)11,600 liters
4Automatic oil temperature control system1 unit
5Heat exchanger:
  • Type: Plate type (Swep, Sweden)
  • Capacity: 130 RT
  • Heat load 304000 kcal/h
  • Total heat exchange area 10.4 m2
  • Water flow rate 60912 m3/h
  • Oil flow rate 31320 kg/h
  • Pump 7.5 kW
  • Temperature control system : magnet on-off
1 unit
6Oil Curtain pump 3HP (2.2 kW) (see *Note 2)1 set
7Injection pump 10HP (7.5 kW)1 set
  • Driving system: invert motor with inverter (TE, France) the speed adjustment in available × 1 unit
  • Gear motor: 1.5 kW × 1 set
  • Gearbox: 1/450 × 1 set
  • Invertor: 1.5 kW (TE, France) × 1 set
  • Sensor: Proximity switch × 1 set
  • Protection : Torque limiter × 1 unit
9Conveyor belt
  • Type: Mesh type
  • Material: SUS304
  • Wires diameter: 1.6 mm × 1.6 mm
  • Sizes: W.1,200 mm × H.30 mm
  • Belt length: total 15.5 meters
  • Carrying bar: aluminum in L shape
10Conveyor chain
  • Type: 05075L
  • Materials: chain plate SS41, roller + bush + pin SCM415
11Floor level 
12Blower: 5HP (3.75 kW) × 4P2 pcs

Note 1: Above capacity is according with standard height of quenching tank by 3,000mm

Note 2: In tempering furnace casing there is an oil curtain created by spraying, that prevents oil vapors from the hardening bath through the casing in a tempering furnace; At the end of the tempering furnace there is an exhaust fan, which pulls and burns the oil smoke arising in the bath hardening in oil;

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