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Protect metals from corrosion

The first application of electrolyte coatings is dedicated to protect the metal from corrosion. This is the most common use of galvanics. Starting from processing fasteners, various nuts, bolts, anchors, washers, and up to the production of complex equipment and units of stainless steels. Electrolyte coatings protects the metal from being destroyed by salts, acids and alkalies, operating in conditions of high and low temperatures, sometimes in a wide range of temperature conditions.

Change metal properties

The second application of galvanics – is a radical change of metal properties depending on a functional task.

  • For example, electrical conductivity, you can get totally opposite results. It is possible to increase conductivity performance to maximum, and completely deprive the conductivity of the part by covering it with a dielectric layer.
  • With proper selection of electrolyte coating antifriction properties  of parts can be reduced to a level that does not require lubricants.
  • Further, galvanic magnetic layer, can be applied on a part of colored metal or alloy, giving this part magnetic property of black metal.
  • With galvanic you can change the  reflectivity of metal surface to the required parameters, to make problem metals  applicable for soldering.

Decorative component

Another important aspect of galvanics is a decorative element. You should see Zippo lighter without electrolyte coating - believe me, it is not worth money. But after treatment it is an excellent thing, the indoor unit is galvanized, rivetings shining, and the outdoor unit embossed with an eagle and a horse is brazed, it seems that this lighter went through the War of Independence, it’s a masterpiece.

Moreover, Zippo Company gives life guarantee for lighters not only because the mechanism is simple and reliable, but, in particular, because the electrolyte coating of the lighter is endless (at least within three generations).

In spite of improvements and changes in technical parameters of the metal components can significantly reduce production expenses and create a good reason to increase surplus value of your products.

Galvanic headings

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