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Galvanic baths are the main equipment for plating. Dimensions of galvanic baths are determined by the dimensions of blank and required performance. Material of the galvanic baths is selected by chemical and thermal resistance parameter. Depending on galvanic baths purpose they are equipped with a variety of additional devices: local exhaust ventilation devices, electrolyte filtration system, air or airless mixing system and heaters.

For chemical and electrochemical degreasing galvanic baths made of polypropylene (at operating temperatures up to 80 ° C) or stainless steel may be used. Galvanic degreasing baths are completed with a heater and a local exhaust ventilation device. Galvanic chemical degreasing baths can be completed with a bubbler tank for solution mixing by air or airless mixing system. For scale etching galvanic bath made of sheet polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are usually used.

For coating galvanic baths of various types are used. For parts galvanizing galvanic bath made of polypropylene are used. For bright high-quality zinc coatings galvanic baths are equipped with a system of continuous electrolyte filtration.

Parts chromizing processed are carried out in galvanic baths made of polypropylene bushed with fluoroplastic (PVDF).

Low productivity galvanic baths can be equipped with settings for the local flow water clearing that completely eliminates polluted water flushing into drains.

Galvanic baths are made according to customer's specifications from a variety of materials: polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, and others.

In accordance with customer’s requirements galvanic bath can be equipped with various additional equipment - heaters, local exhaust ventilation devices etc.

Galvanic baths

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