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Automatic carton electromagnetic orientation packing line for bolts and nuts
carton electromagnetic orientation packing line

Technological process of automatic packing of fasteners into carton


Auto carton forming

Screw auto packaging

Auto carton sealing

Computer printing / labeling

Auto palletizing

Auto wrapping

Automatic packaging line for packing fasteners into KLT container RG-A-K888-V

KLT containers are strong, reliable and resistant to the effects of fuels and lubricants, acidic and alkaline liquids. Sound absorption is provided during transportation. The material can withstand temperatures ranging from -200°C до +1000°C. Due to the corrugated bottom, it is possible to use it together with gravity racks for organizing car assembly conveyor lines.

Packing fasteners in a KLT container

The packing equipment is suitable for packing bolts / screws: M6 ~ M24 × L12 ~ 100mm (MAX), M6-M24 nuts into KLT container and corrugated cardboard box.

Composition of the line of packaging equipment

The line for packing fasteners into a KLT container consists of the following units:

  • Mechanism for automatic lifting and overturning of factory containers (ship shape bin), which performs the function of feeding products into a vibrating hopper.
  • Open-type vibrating hopper with a capacity of 800 kg. The bunker is equipped with a horizontal support bar for tilting the kyubels with a new batch of fasteners into the bunker. The unloading speed is controlled by automatically adjusting the vibration frequency of the vibratory hopper.
  • The flat-type primary vibratory billet feeding device is designed for gradual uniform feeding of products from the hopper to the intermediate tray of the secondary billet feeding device. The vibrating chute is equipped with an electromagnetic vibrator that turns on automatically in accordance with the data received from the fastener weight control sensors.
  • The device for the secondary vibrating feed of the workpiece is of a flat type.
  • Flat-type tertiary vibrating feed device.
  • The weigher with 3 weighing stages provides two-stage dosing: 90% of the target weight through the coarse filling device, and the remaining 10% through the V-shaped feeding system. Weighing error no more than ±1% of the total weight.
  • V-shaped feeding system.
  • The empty KLT container feed conveyor serves to accumulate and feed the formed empty containers under the fastener unloading tray. It is a powered belt conveyor mounted on a welded frame. It turns on automatically when a signal is received about filling the container at the filling site. The design of the area for packing fasteners into a KLT container ensures accurate positioning of empty containers under the filling tray, with the exception of spilling fasteners outside the container.
  • Measuring conveyor for empty KLT containers.
  • The conveyor for unloading packaged products after filling is automatically removed from under the dispenser, freeing up space for the next container.
  • Conveyor for re-inspection (rejection) of packaging.
  • Conveyor of the buffer zone for unloading packaged products.
  • Packing line maintenance platform.

The equipment operates under the control of Mitsubishi PLC, interaction with the operator is carried out through the HMI control panel. The packing line uses pneumatic system from SMC, FESTO or similar class.

Fastener Packing Line Technical Specification

Packaged fastenersbolts / screws M6 ~ M24 × L12~100 mm, nuts M6-M24
Line capacity5-8 containers / boxes per minute
Packed container weight5-30 kg
Supply voltage3-phase 380V 50Hz
Maximum power consumption of the entire line6.0 kWт
Air pressure5.0 kg/sm2
Consumption of compressed air28.86 L/min
Line dimensions(L)7165 × (W)4600 mm
Maximum height of the packaging line~4800 mm

Packaging container size

Package typeLength, mmWidth, mmHeight, mm
KLT container265166129.5
Corrugated cardboard box246216165

dimensions of the packaging line for fasteners in a KLT container

Automatic equipment for packing fasteners into films and bags RG-A-P888-V

plastic bag fill-in type packaging equipment

The equipment is designed for packing and packaging machine-building fasteners and general-purpose fasteners in KLT containers, in bags and in film. This packaging equipment is also suitable for filling mixed type fasteners.

Plastic bag size: (L)60-150 × (W)60-150 mm.

Composition of equipment for packing fasteners in film and bags

  • automatic device for weighing and counting packages. Equipped with two vibrating bowls Ø450 mm, feeding is controlled by a photoelectric sensor;
  • mesh conveyor with a width of 1500 and a length of 260 mm with a brake motor and a 1/2 HP drive. The conveyor is equipped with a photoelectric sensor for positioning the workpiece;
  • automatic packing machine with the function of sealing plastic bags;
  • a loading hopper for supplying fasteners from a factory container (ship shape bin / kubel);
  • inclined conveyor with a length of 1500 and a width of 250 mm;
  • device for weighing and rejecting underweight / overweight;
  • remote control.
The packaging machine can be additionally equipped with a printing and labeling device, a blister packaging system.

Packaging equipment specification

Packaged fastenersgeneral purpose mechanical fasteners
Packing bag size(L)60-150 × (W)60-150 mm
Productivity1-25 bags per minute
Air pressure5 kg/sm2
Supply voltage1-phase 220V 50Hz
Dimensions of packaging equipment1500 × 950 × 1200 mm

plastic bag fill-in type packaging equipment

Automatic equipment for packing hardware and fasteners into large boxes RG-A-C888-CC

equipment for packing hardware and fasteners into large boxes

Automatic machine for packing of hardware and fasteners in small boxes RG-A-B888-VAW

machine for packing of hardware and fasteners in small boxes
Products available for packagingscrews, self-tapping screws and other types of fasteners
Product dimensions (max.)Ø4 × (L)180 ~ Ø16 × (L)150
Box dimensions (mm)Max.: (L)200 × (W)150 × (H)150
Productivity6~9 boxes per minute
CharacteristicsYou can choose packaging by quantity or by weight

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