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Head office of the group of companies of Taiwan Metiz Alliance is located in the business center of the capital of Taiwan, Taipei, in the neighborhood of Daan Central City Park. Daan Forest Park, founded in 1994, covers an area of 26 hectares, and serves as a picturesque area of the city, a sort of calm, quiet oasis in noisy business center of the capital, a favorite destination for residents on weekends and holidays.

In the park there is an entrance to the parking lot, and the largest metro station that connects the business center with the neighboring financial center, the political center of the capital, the center of information technology, as well as cultural, tourist part of the city.

Our office is located near the famous skyscraper - Tower 101, the Center of international exhibitions, equipment and technologies.

Nearby some interesting places are also located:
  • Taipei 101 Exhibition Center.
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Water Resources of Taipei.
  • Ministry of Industrial Development of Taipei.
  • University of Technology of Taipei.
  • Central Library of Taipei.
  • Flower Market.
  • Perl market.
  • National seat of Daan District.
  • Hotels Fareastern, Howard Plaza, Grand Hyatt, also close to the famous night market.

We will be very glad to meet you at the office of Rost Group & Technology Co. (Taiwan Metiz Alliance) concerning the projects of equipment supply for the production of metal hardware, fasteners, special parts and organization of manufacturing.

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Taiwan. Daan Forest Park

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