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We offer a wide range of models of equipment for drawing the wire with a diameter of 36 mm, including a single vertical drawing machines, accessories. Information on the site is given to the overall presentation of the technical capabilities of equipment and components. To compile the exact configuration of the line you want to expand the terms of reference.

Drawing machines  with cold-rolling cassette
Drawing machines with cold-rolling cassette

Drawing machines with wire-drawing die holder
Drawing machines with wire-drawing die holder

Highlights of the equipment for wire drawing:

The equipment is suitable for wire drawing of low / medium / high carbon steel, copper wire. The equipment is high-tech. Design line drawing is performed according to the specifications of the customer.

The line of continuous wire drawing equipment (per month): 562 tons of finished wire Ø 3 mm.

Material: high-carbon steel.

Duration: 24 hours / 3 shifts / 25 days / drawing efficiency - 80%.



1. Equipment for the drawing part
(Automatic operator, adjustment mechanism)
 Pay-off stands:Rod horizontal type pay-off stands
RG-2000W (1set=2pcs.)
Ø8.0 mm~Ø3.00 mm
Wire drawingи:Machine for the continuous wire drawing
Ø4.0 mm~Ø1.4 mm
Rewinding machine:The winding mechanism
2. Accessories Wire-drawing equipment
Ø7.0 mm~Ø1.6 mmPointing machine
Model: RG-7.0-1.6
Ø13.0 mm~Ø5.0 mmPointing machine
Model: RG-13-5
Ø15.0 mm~Ø5.5 mmButt Welding Machine
Model: 50 KVA
Ø4.0 mm~Ø1.0 mmButt Welding Machine
Model: 10 KVA
3. Additional wire drawing equipment:
 Cassete cold rolling
Model: GL25C33 with lock
 Cassete cold rolling
Model: GL25B33 with lock
 Circulation lubrication systems for cold rolling cassettes
 Equipment of scale multipurpose removal
Model: RG-C300

    Please note the items that are in the responsibility of the Customer:

  • Power system:
    1. Power supply line from the power supply to the control panel autooperator equipment.
    2. Power supply line from the control panel of autooperator equipment to the console panel of the machine, including control cable and alarm system.
    3. Control room equipment should be placed in a well-ventilated and dust-tight space.
  • Pipeline system (water and air supply):
    1. Cooling mechanism.
    2. Pumping water from the cooling mechanism on the equipment.
    3. Cooling system (cooling tower).
    4. Feed air from the air compressor to the equipment.
    5. Air compressor.
  • Installation of the equipment.
  • Coordination activities with objects of civil engineering structures.


Diameter of the inlet
Ø mm (max.)
Diameter of the outlet
Ø mm (min.)
Diameter of block Ø mm1020900750670550400300250670550400300250
Drawing speed m / min48048050080010001200130015008001000120013001500
Drive power hp125-150100-12575-10050-7540-5025-40252050-7540-5025-402520

1. Equipment for the drawing part

a. Rod horizontal type pay-off stands

Pay-off stands of rod wire

Model: RG-2000W


  • Automatic stop in case of failures.
  • Pay-off the wire in one direction.
  • Unilateral load-bearing support bar.
  • Capable of receiving 2,000 kg of wire rod.


Model: RG-750x1B+670x7B

1STCD-750x1B+670x7B direct-flow drawing machine


machine engine

Cable rod

The parameters and the power of the engine:
100 HP drive with AC inverter (3-phase) + FUJI Inverter x 1 (750 cylinders)
75 HP drive with AC inverter (3-phase) + FUJI inverter x 7 (670 cylinders)

The range of drawing:
Diameter of the inlet – Diameter of the outlet (see. The. Characteristic)

Max. Speed: 350 m / min (max.)
Voltage: at the customer's request

Control panel

Control panel

Control Method
  • All blocks line of equipment controlled by the tuner.
  • Drawing speed is regulated by automatic control system software.
  • Options are slow feed, including control mode pedals.
  • The machine is equipped with a deflection roller that allows you to start drawing process with the first unit, bypassing others.
  • Each unit is equipped with a hydraulic braking system.
  • Automatic stop in the event of line failure.

The main control panel


The control unit

The control unit

Main Control panel

  • The main control panel includes a display and a keyboard that allows you to configure all the parameters of wire drawing and units installation.
  • The display shows the speed of the current line, the status of each unit, and also warns of a failure or malfunction in equipment.
  • The control panel retains information about possible malfunctions of the previous system, provides access to the data center.
  • Additional service - Automated Attendant via modem line equipment associated with the computer system, thereby providing Remote tech support, share production data with other computers working with MIS and direct communication with the office.

Power line drawing

  • The first block, Ø750 mm x 1
  • The second and subsequent blocks, Ø670 mm x7
  • Material: iron brand FCD-55 with a hardness of 40 HRC ± 2 (in ScaleFROM Rockwell)
  • Mirror-polished surface of the drum, to prevent damage to the wire surface.
  • Sputter-coated surface of the block of tungsten carbide to provide greater hardness.
  • The hardness of the surface of the block, tungsten carbide coating is 68 HRC ± 2.
  • Setting units: vertical axis for units 1 and 8, Block 2 ~ 7 inclined type.

Cooling system

Power line drawing

Cooling system

  • Water cooling units (spiral type). The system for anti-corrosion treatment process.
  • Direct cooling die holders.
  • Water flow is adjusted from the front of the machine drawing line.
  • The main electric valve for water triggered by shutdowns.
  • Each unit has an independent water valve.

Holders dies

Holders dies

  • The first block: holders die rotary type powder mixer.
  • The second and subsequent blocks are equipped with cassette cold rolling.
  • Bootable cartridge side feed is suitable for single dies, and dies with the dual pressures.
  • The cartridge provides quick replacement of dies without the need for special tools.
  • Suitable for single dies, and dies under double pressure.
  • Type portage: single, under pressure.
  • Setting dies holders: Setting up, down, left and right.



Rollers for vibration rejection

  • There are on each block.

Membrane Switch

Membrane Switch

Membrane Switch

  • It prevents the wire from damage during a stop applying pressure.
  • Pads with a pneumatic cylinder located at the rear of each unit providing a continuous supply of wire, and disrupt the process excluding drawing.

Wire feed (stop time)

  • The standard stop time set by the user.
  • Quick stop: 5 seconds without damaging the wire.
  • Emergency stop: 0.5 ~ 3 sec. (On request).

Counter length

Counter length

Countable unit length

  • Digital type.

Noise level

  • below 80 dB.


  • The machine is equipped with a steel jacket and the central system to the exhaust pipes. The exhaust pipes are located in the rear of the equipment and joined for the die holders.

Holders dies

Motor valve

Control panel

  • The control panel is provided for each unit, and includes all the functions needed to control the unit.
  • Water valves are mounted on the wires, and each block including a pressure gauge, and sensors of the pneumatic type.

c. Horizontal type winding mechanism

Model SPC-2000



Parameters and power of engine

  • 75 HP drive from AC current (3 x phase) converter + FUJI inverter
  • The range of wire: Ø4.0 ~ Ø1.4 mm
  • The maximum speed of drawing:
  • -According To the speed of drawing the last block of the drawing equipment.
    -Machine is Equipped with feeding and winding the wire coils.

The winding mechanism

The winding mechanism

The winding mechanism

  • Winder carries traffic through a specially designed lift mechanism.
  • The chassis provides positioning winder to the left, right, up and down.
  • Max. Weight wound wire 2000 kg (including the weight of the winder).
  • Controlled by a pneumatic actuator.

The feeding mechanism

The feeding mechanism

The feeding mechanism

  • Drive (1.0 HP) wire drawing speed is controlled by an inverter.
  • Regardless of the amount of load of the winding mechanism, the winding speed remains constant.
  • The ability to adjust the width and flow direction.
  • The feeding mechanism is equipped with straightening rollers by the axes X and Y.
  • Compatible with line continuous wire drawing.
  • Brakes of disc type of Japanese "Suntes” firm.

Control method

  • Synchronizing the speed of the winding mechanism and the drawing line is carried out for manipulator located at the outlet of the finished product.


  • At the request of the customer.

Brake system

Brake system

Brake system

  • Standard stop: controlled autooperator and inverter parameter input by the user, which prevents damage to the wire.
  • Quick stop: is carried out by autooperator and inverter for 5 seconds without damaging the wire.
  • Emergency stop: via disc brakes for 0.5 ~ 3 seconds without damaging the wire.
  • Speed Acceleration: max. 30 seconds from 0 to max. speed.
  • Noise level: max. 80 dB (parameters taken a meter away from the equipment).


  • The winding mechanism equipped with metal protection. The door of sliding type provides easy access to the winding mechanism.


  • Drive converter AC (3-phase), Taiwan, Inverter, Fuji, Japan, high quality with smooth running at low speeds and high starting torque.
  • Management Console: touch-screen monitor with control panel "PROFACE" Japan.
  • Automated Attendant control system by Mitsubishi, Japan.
  • Specifications of the Mechanical Drive: Screw (tapered) gearboxes company "Lenze", Germany and "Rossi", Italy.
  • The braking system of high quality made in Taiwan in conjunction with the braking system of electric type company "Lenze", Germany.
  • Stand equipment made in Japan.

Including accessories for models 1STCD (per unit of line drawing):

  • Wrench                      1 pcs.
  • Broaching dog           1 pcs.
  • Counterweight           2 pcs.
  • Forceps (on purchase of the dies holders) 7 pcs.
  • Trolley wire                2 pcs.


RG LIST (cassette cold rolling) - new technology
Inner diameter, mmExternal diameter, mmTotal
A.R.R., %
A.R.R., %
Max. Speed, m / minProductivity,
Max diesTotal Horsepower, PMWeight winding, MTS/pcs.
Model RG-750х1В+670х7В
Mode lRG-2000
Performance in a month: 562 tons

RG LIST (die holder) - standard equipment
Inner diameter, mmExternal diameter, mmTotal
A.R.R., %
A.R.R., %
Max. Speed, m / minProductivity,
Max diesTotal Horsepower, PMWeight winding, MTS/pcs.
Model RG-750х1В+670х7В
Model RG-2000
Performance in a month: 299 tons

Note: Technical data in the tables above are for reference only

The quality of the finished product depends on the following characteristics:

  1. The quality of wire rod.
  2. Quality of dies.
  3. Etching and surface treatment of wire rod.
  4. Lubrication.
  5. Experience.
  6. Features of the finished product.
  7. Other additional equipment and experience.
  8. Weather conditions (temperature, humidity) may affect the quality and volume of production.

Difference between the cassette and trail

 Standard process: drawing portagesNew technology: drawing of cold rolling cassettesBenefitsNotes
Speed4 m / sec.
250 m / min.
5.83 m / sec.
350 m / min.
Productivity per month (24 hours / 25 day)
299 tons562 tonsIncreased productivity by 263 tons 
Processing capacity, %Dies 60%Cassettes 80%Increased processing capacity by 20% 
LifetimeStandard dies 10-15 tons3000 tons х 3 = +9000 tons  
Operation and cost lubricating fluid
9000 tons
Cost powder
Dol. Taiwo. 115,200
Cost powder
Dol. Taiwo. 4,800
Dol. Taiwo. 110,400
By using tapes of drawing lubricant is applied only on the first block.
The level of performance during stop
3000 tons
0 hrs (every 15 min.) = 0 tons.30 hrs (every 15 min.) = 35 tonsIncreased by 35 tons 
Accidents at workInfection of the lungs by inhalation of dustAbsent  
Environmental pollutionYesNo Reduce the cost of environmental protection
Degreasing processRequiredAbsent Reduce the cost of the process of degreasing
The learning process of EquipmentDifficulties spent time and money on trainingEasy and fast learning process  


ProductThe diameter of the wireDescription
1. Pointing machine
    Model: RG-7.0-1.6
The diameter of the wire:
Drive power :
Ø7.0 mm - Ø1.6 mm
On request
2. Pointing machine
    Model: RG-13-5
The diameter of the wire:
Drive power :
Ø13.0 mm – Ø5.0 mm
On request
3. Machine for butt welding
    Model: 50 KVA
The diameter of the wire:
Ø15.0 mm – Ø5.5 mm
On request
4. Machine for butt welding
    Model: 10 KVA
The diameter of the wire:
Ø4.0 mm – Ø1.0 mm
On request


А. Cassete cold rolling Model GL25B33 with lock / Model GL25C33 with lock

Cold rolling cassette components:

  • The guide column, 6 pcs. (Ø25mm), water-cooled, manual control, connected to the lubrication system and bearings with a roller clamp.
  • Six (3 + 3) is tungsten carbide rolls measuring 90 mm x 65 mmx 15 mm
  • Six roller clamps (guide column = Ø25mm) with replaceable bearings. Bearings are selected when the roller clamps perform regrinding process.
  • The function of axial and radial adjustment of roller clamps.
  • Connecting the oil pipe, an internal system supply lubricating fluid to the bearing roller clamps.
  • The guide rod panel (if necessary)
  • The mounting plate of the standard type.

B. Circulation lubrication system for cold rolling cassettes

Circulation lubrication systems for cold rolling cassettes

The advantage of the equipment:

  • Manufacture of small diameter wire.
  • Improving the efficiency of the production of wire.
  • Possibility of large scale production (about 2000 tons).
  • Less need for stopping the line drawing.
  • Reducing consumption and the cost of the lubricant.
  • Energy savings (up 10%), and high-speed drawing.
  • Compatibility with cartridges and drawing new lines.

C. Equipment of scale multipurpose removal

Model: RG-C300

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