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wire rope slingCargo rope sling is the most common type of weight-handling devices. Most of load handling operations, such as construction and mounting, loading and unloading operations, lifting and shifting of cargo with cranes, traditionally are carried out using steel rope slings. Steel slings are harder that analogues, defects are easier to find, so they are often used for lifting heavy important loads in crowded areas.

Rope slings have a number of advantages, including:
  • high load-carrying capacity and flexibility;
  • they are less labor-consuming to manufacture than other types of slings;
  • they are enough reliable and resistant to sudden load impacts, smoothing them over;
  • rope destruction does not occur suddenly, but gradually, it allows you to control its condition, and promptly withdraw them from use.

Steel rope slings are used for lifting and shifting of various cargoes
- temperature range - from -40°C to +400°C.
- safety factor - 1: 6.

sling wire rope sling drawing

Rope sling leg consists of a piece of rope, two eye rings and end fixings (sealing) - aluminum bushings or splice connection. It is used as a structural element in rope slings manufacture, and as a separate component, such as a complete set of cross-arms.

Rope diameter, mm B, mm C, mm
6 160 80
8 160 80
9 200 100
10 200 100
12 240 120
14 240 120
16 280 140
18 320 160
20 320 160
22 360 180
26 400 200
30 400 200

Rope slings are made of steel ropes with 6x36 6x19 constructions. Sealing of the rope is carried out by aluminum bushing molding. This production method increases the slings reliability, eliminates the influence of the human factor to the process of manufacture.

Without exception, all processes associated with the manufacture of slings are carried out by qualified personnel using modern equipment. All produced slings required to undergo tests to confirm their reliability on the test facility with load factor plus K -coefficient = 1.25 to the rated capacity of the product. After passing the test each sling get serial number and rope sling passport, confirming its quality and operational safety.


wire rope sling

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